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Why Crypto Games are in Demand in the Market

Teenagers and youth are crazy about online gaming. In a crowdy and busy era, people do not have much time to go to the playground to exercise or play physical games. The pc and mobile games capture the time of youth in the real world. Online multiplier games make a place among the youth and now it becomes a billion-dollar industry. In online multiplayer games, the players interact with each other through chat or voice messaging that is appealing to them. In recent years cryptocurrency like ethereum and NFTs changes the face of online games.

In addition to that, cryptocurrency is used to buy the character or utilities within the game according to your preferences. You can customize your character and buy new weapons, skins, and skills that are matched your personality. This customization which is possible through crypto makes you a unique and rare player in online games and other players can recognize you easily with your customization. 

Play to earn is the new sequel to the gaming industry. The earnings depend on how much your time spent on the game and what skills you can get. In virtual online games, the concept of real money is replaced with the NFT. the players are holding assets in the shape of NFT and this NFT is related to any skill, weapon, clothes, or any specific character. You can also sell these NFTs to other players or trade with them. 

Furthermore, you don’t need to get out of the game to buy any gaming NFT from a crypto exchange. you can buy any game item within the game by just linking your online wallet like KuCoin. KuCoin wallets give you the facility to use your cryptocurrency within the game to buy any specific NFT. in addition to that you can also sell any NFT within the game and receive the token or crypto direct to a wallet that is integrated with the KuCoin platform. 

By playing online crypto games the player can earn cryptocurrency. That is incredible and called earn with fun. Now the majority of games are developed on the blockchain and try to synchronize with the other crypto applications. The developers are trying their best to develop a single platform in which all the cryptocurrencies are used to buy the items within the game. 

As the concept of play to earn is getting popular through cryptocurrency and now multiple cryptocurrency authorities are diving into this gaming ocean to spread their coin distribution. Meanwhile, the shib inu entered the online gaming market and test its beta version in Australia among the shib army community. The shib game is only available on the apple store while developers are planning to launch at the Google app store. 

There are multiple crypto games in which the players trade on a daily basis and earn crypto.


Sandbox is a metaverse in which you can make your customized world. You can buy a plot and construct it according to your choice. You can make characters, cars, buildings, etc. the sandbox is based on the Eth blockchain system game. 

Axie Infinity

This game is also developed on the blockchain system and is referred to as decentralized. Every player in this game who have NFT is the owner of this game to the extent of that NFT. these NFTs are the owner’s digital assets that he can use to sell and earn huge profits. In this game, you can buy the game items in form of NFTs like a specific monster, fighting skills, or deadly weapon. 

The bottom line of these points is that cryptocurrency like ethereum and other NFTs has changed the way of gaming. The players are so much concerned about the digital assets within the game. They use their leisure time to earn profits from the game. The gaming industry is evolving and stepping to the next level. Millions of users are registered on the crypto games. It’s just like two kills with one arrow. You can make both fun and earn at the same time. Blockchain games have a bright future and gamers are taking risks to invest in crypto games to make digital assets in the virtual world. 


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