Why can’t you seem to find a Tech Job Anymore?

You just graduated to become the next big thing in tech but you can’t seem to find a job? Well, you are not the only one. Based on recent research, more than 35% of fresh graduates fail to land an entry-level job. Just a few years ago, the tech industry was so desperate that they were ready to hire anyone. As long as you had a degree, a boot camp experience, a project, or a certificate in any of the tech languages, your chance of landing a job was high.

This trend changed after the first quarter of 2022. Fresh grads who are now looking for jobs have not just failed to ace an interview and land a job but they also find themselves underqualified. These fresh grads fail to meet the criteria that are required to get hired or fill up the bare minimum. Business experts are blaming this on the changing economics and the current financial crisis but tech experts have a completely different perspective.

This sudden change in the job market has left tech experts scratching their heads. Even with free courses, expensive boot camps, freelance work projects, and unpaid internships, most people keep hustling even after landing a job.

While most experts see this as a promising factor that will lead to fast-paced innovation in the field of tech, others see it as an active setback of unlimited internet and change in the work environment. If you are a fresh grad struggling to land a job, using an online job searching site is the only solution. For your next job hunt, just your mobile and a good internet connection like the one offered by Optimum will be enough.

Before you get started on your job hunt, here are some of the things that you need to consider. We have also listed down some tips to increase the success rate and some expert opinions about changing the job market.

Tech Jobs Do Not Reflect Job Market

After the boom in 2010-2022, tech was seen as a golden ticket. Most people invested their everything into a tech degree. People working in startups strived to work better and get into big tech while big tech companies worked on better and most innovative projects.

Moreover, during the pandemic when most people were fired from their jobs, tech people were not just being recruited but they were getting significant raises as well. Moreover, this also led to a work-from-home trend that led to a domino effect, crashing the whole job market.

However, the tech industry soon took a nosedive in the last quarter of 2022. This trend leads most tech experts to lose their jobs, helping them to move to small companies or start their ventures. With such saturation in the market, companies now had people at hand with high experiences and low expectations. Therefore, it is safe to say that there are jobs but they are not for the new grads, instead they are meant to recruit people who were laid off and are seeking a replacement right now.

Why You Do Not Fit Criteria?

Ever since the massive layoff spree by the big tech, the hiring criteria have become very strict. Now companies are looking for 5-6 years of experience on an entry-level pay. This is shutting doors for people who invested in expensive boot camps for the sake of entering tech. Moreover; this disparity in the pay has led to amenity over work movement. More people are using this low pay grade for their benefit working multiple entry-level tech jobs.

Now, companies have a better chance of hiring someone who has extensive work experience in an entry-level job. These recruitments are productivity-focused rather than presence-focused. These highly experienced people complete tasks faster and have some cheat code solution up their sleeves to get work done.

AI is murdering the Dreams of Tech Grad

To make matters worse, now developers do not have to write code from scratch. Most of the AI-based tools can easily write code based on your requirements. This is one of the biggest reasons more companies are recruiting people on the managerial level who are familiar with multiple languages and they can assemble code rather than write it.

How to Improve Your Chances of Being Hired?

To improve your chances of getting recruited as a beginner in the industry, you need to start from your entry level. Tech companies are no longer desperate and the tech industry is saturated with some brilliant minds. If you are a student or a fresh graduate struggling to enter the industry, here are some tips that can help you get started:

  • Work on your idea rather than seeking a part-time gig
  • Enroll in some free professional courses
  • Focus on AI and using different AI tools to polish your work
  • Gather your fellow friends for a startup, it does not have to be successful or profitable, it just needs to be working.
  • Get started with an AI prompt course so, you feel accustomed to the new method of coding
  • Focus on building a portfolio and use that as a way to show your experience in the industry

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, the IT industry has changed so if you are just getting started there is a high chance that you will struggle. If you are currently struggling with the issue, the above-mentioned tips can help you improve your chances of being hired.

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