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Vitamin e capsule benefits for face

Vitamin e capsule benefits for face


Vitamin-E is very beneficial for making hair, face and skin healthy and glowing. It can be used on face and hair in many ways. Let us tell you that you will get capsules of this oil filled with antioxidants from any medical stores. Vitamin-E is also called beauty vitamin. This vitamin enhances the glow of the skin. The properties of antioxidants found in Vitamin-E are very beneficial for face to hair, but the most important thing is whether you use it properly or not. Because if it is used properly then you will start seeing its effect soon. Let us tell you how you can enhance the beauty of your skin and hair by using it properly.


for face

Vitamin-E capsules can be easily used on the face. Vitamin-E protects the skin from dryness and makes it glowing. Mix vitamin-E capsules with almond or coconut oil and apply it on the face every night before sleeping. It can be used directly on the face and neck by mixing it with a moisturizer, lotion or scrub.


for the eyes

Its use is considered good for dark circles falling under the eyes or tired eyes. In such a situation, apply Vitamin-E oil directly under the eyes and leave it overnight. You will start seeing its effect in a few days.


for hair

You can use Vitamin-E not only on the skin, but it is also used to make hair thick. Vitamin-E can be used by adding it to the hair oil applied daily. Use it a day before washing hair. For this, mix vitamin-E oil in coconut oil and apply it in the hair and shampoo it well in the morning.


for the lips

Vitamin-E can also be used on the lips. This makes the lips soft and shiny. Take out the liquid from the vitamin-E capsule and mix it with almond oil or glycerin and apply it on the lips before sleeping. This will make the lips look soft and shiny in a few days.


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