Understanding dog bite laws in California: A quick overview

Known to be man’s best friend, dogs are friendly and adorable creatures. Unfortunately, dogs are also responsible for over four million bites across the US each year. If you suffered injuries because of a canine in Los Angeles or anywhere in California, you could file a lawsuit to recover damages. You need to contact a firm today to get an evaluation of your case. For your guide, here is an overview of the laws in the Golden State.

Strict liability

California is one of the states that follow the strict liability rule for dog bites. For the unversed, this essentially means that a dog owner is liable for any injuries suffered by a victim because of their pet. Whether the incident happened in a public place or on private property, the owner is still accountable. Also, the law states that it doesn’t matter whether the owner knows the dog’s tendencies or aggressive behavior. Even if the animal didn’t have a previous history of hurting someone, the rule remains in place. The strict liability rule differs from the “one-bite” law that’s typically used in many other states.

Understanding dog bites

A victim could have a valid dog injury lawsuit even if the teeth of the animal didn’t break the skin. In other words, if the dog grabbed your clothing, which scared you and caused a fall, the owner is liable for the injuries. There are some exceptions. For instance, if you were trespassing on someone’s property and suffered a dog bite, the situation could be quite different.

Get an attorney

No matter what kind of injuries you have suffered because of someone’s pet, you need to get an evaluation of your damages. The process of assessing a claim requires a clear understanding of laws, and at times, just knowing the standard aspects is not enough. An attorney can be your trusted resource for fighting the legal battle, especially if you don’t know what to do next. Most law firms that take up dog bite-related cases in LA don’t charge anything until the client wins, which is called a contingency fee. The fee may vary, but the general norm is 33%.

At the least, you deserve to take a shot at recovering a fair settlement. Because your lawyer is as much interested in the outcome, they will do everything possible for your claim. You have two years to take action – Start today.

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