Top outdoor games that make your kids forget about Tech Gadgets

With the advent of digitalisation, curiosity has taken over the kids, and they seem to be fascinated by tech gadgets rather than engaging in healthy physical activities. That’s why modern kindergartens pay more attention to outdoor team-building activities. Presently, parents also have a busier schedule. Maybe that’s why they don’t understand the long-run consequences on their kid’s overall well-being. 

While making occasional trips to Zipline Adventures in Dubai and elsewhere is fine, physical activities must be a regular part of their lifestyle. It’s because they greatly contribute to nourishing your kids both physically and intellectually. 

Are you wondering how to get your kids used to physical activities and make them forget about using tech gadgets? We’ve rounded up a few ideas to achieve the feat. 

  • Hopscotch 

It’s a popular game that requires no introduction since it’s been entertaining children for ages. In this game, candidates have to throw small objects into marked spaces on the ground and then hop through the spots to retrieve the object. However, the game’s only hard and fast rule is not to touch the lines. 

  • Scavenger Hunt

Another fun outdoor team-building activity is a scavenger hunt, which involves creating a list of those items that we can find easily around your home and neighbourhood. Next, you’ve to make teams and provide them with their first clues. Once the players reveal the first clue, they can move to locate the next item with the help of another clue. When the time runs out, the referee will count the items both teams collected. Whichever collects the most items becomes the winner.

  • Hide and Seek

We all know what hide and seek is and how it works. For decades, it’s been one of the children’s favourite outdoor plays, in which players hide themselves to be found by the denner. A denner is a chosen candidate who has to count to 10 while the other players hide. Later, he must determine their spots after finishing the count and expose them. The first one would be the next dinner, while the last one found is the winner of the round.

  • Jump-rope

The simple physical activity can be an exhilarating affair, only with a long rope and a couple of peers. It’s usually a part of a girl’s workout regime, yet two players have to hold the edges of the rope and swing it circularly as a game. And so, the player in the middle has to keep jumping until he drops. The competition is to count who can jump the most.

  • Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is a conventional outdoor game usually played during a winter camp in Dubai and elsewhere. It tends to incorporate two or more teams. In this game, each team tries to raid the enemy’s territory, steal the flag, and safely make it back to their side. Since teamwork is the key to success, you’ll be frozen and no longer an asset to your peers if you get caught by opposing team members. 

  • Kick the Can

While it’s slightly similar to hide and seek, the game includes placing a can in the middle of the playground, and a kid is in charge of it as a guard. The guard keeps counting until the children leave their hiding place. The challenge is kicking the can without getting caught by the guard. The child who can daringly kick the can without getting tagged is the winner. If no one can do so, the guard will win the round. 

  • Four Squares

Played on a square court divided into four squares, it’s a ball game. The goal of this game is to eliminate other players to achieve the highest rank on the court. There’s a ball, and the candidates have to bounce it back and forth between the squares. The person within the square chooses the rules, and if anyone appears to violate the rules will be moved down the ranking or might get evicted. 

Final Verdict

As you can perceive from the above guide, there’s a range of options regarding outdoor activities. While you can make them a regular part of your kid’s life, these outdoor plays help organise the best birthday parties in Dubai and anywhere you reside. So, it seems you’ve covered your children’s next birthday, and you can certainly make it memorable without adding a digitalisation hint to it. 

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