Top Home Remedies for Wasp Bite Treatment

ites from wasps are a common yet unpleasant issue. The reasons why a wasp might sting you are numerous just as the variety of wasp species—the hornets and yellow jackets being the most popular – that exist. There is, however, an excess of home remedies for wasp bites treatment.

Contrary to bees, wasps can easily sting multiple times as they do not lose their stinger with their bite; and they can be extremely painful. But after the early sting, they mainly cause minor irritation, which can easily be treated at home. 

This article will provide you with the top home remedies for wasp bite treatment that you can try. 

Standard Symptoms You Might Face 

  After being stung by a wasp, you might come across the following symptoms: 

  • Itching 
  • Pain in the bite area 
  • Redness that expands out the sting area 
  • Heat at the area of the bite 

Remedies For Wasp Bite Treatment 

  1. Aloe Vera Gel 

It is an organic gel that has the ability to moisturize and soothe the skin. According to a study, aloe vera gel has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the side effects of a sting. 

All you have to do is spread a little amount of gel on the bitten area and wait for a few minutes. You can see that the swelling is reduced and can also prevent the site from being infected. 

Aloe vera gel can be brought easily as it is available in every pharmacy, and you can also find it online, or you can get pest control services from Swiftcare and keep your loved ones protected from wasp stings. 

  1. Ice Pack 

Right after a wasp sting, wash the affected area thoroughly to get rid of any remaining wasp venom. Then put a pack of ice to reduce the swelling and pain: 

  • Firstly, wrap the pack of ice in a cloth 
  • Secondly, place the wrap against the bitten area
  •  Lastly, hold it for a few minutes 
  • Repeat if needed 
  1. Honey 

Honey is known for its famous medicinal properties as it has compounds that fight inflammation. So, it might assist you to reduce swelling. Its natural antibacterial properties can also help you prevent infection and can also speed up healing. For this reason, honey is also used by doctors in wound dressings. 

Start by spreading a small amount of honey onto the bite, and you want to do this indoors to avoid attracting more bees by its smell. 

  1. Baking Soda 

It is highly believed by a few people that baking soda helps in neutralizing bee venom. Yet, there is no high-quality research that implies that baking soda help in relieving discomfort from wasp bite. 

When You Should See A Doctor 

Wasp bite can be excruciatingly painful, however, when treated at home, the discomfort generally tends to not last more than 24 hours. But, if you’re experiencing extreme pain along with continuous swelling over the course of more than a day, then you might have an infection. 

If you begin to experience the below-mentioned symptoms then you might be having a life-threatening allergic reaction: 

  • Uncontrolled coughing 
  • Vomiting or nausea 
  • Tickling in your throat 
  • Tightness in the chest or throat 
  • Dizziness or fainting 
  • Anxiety 
  • Hives 
  • Profuse sweating 

Once you have received the required treatment, consult your doctor to check if you have a wasp allergy. Then moving forward, discuss the preventative actions to take against wasp bites.

Wrapping Up!  

Wasp bites can be extremely painful if not taken care of properly, make sure you treat them as soon as possible.

The best way to stay protected from the wasp bite is by getting fumigation services from professionals like Swiftcare after every month or two to ensure that your house is safe from dangerous bees, and insects. 

Author Bio:

Kamil Riaz Kara is a content contributor at Mainstream and associated with digital marketing for the last seven years. Presently working at Digital Eggheads, a digital marketing agency in Pakistan.

Wasp Bite

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