Stuck With Not Working Issue? Let’s Fix!

Do you continually encounter the not working error when attempting to access your TP Link range extender? You’re not alone, well! Users of TP Link extenders from all over the world have reported the same problem. So don’t worry. In this article, we’ve included the top 5 TP Link troubleshooting tips for quickly resolving the not working problem. So let’s get going.

Reasons Why Not Working

There are countless possible causes for your inability to access Here are a few of the most typical causes that may have contributed to your problem:

  • You might be unable to view the page due to technical issues.

  • You can’t access your wireless range extender because you entered the wrong web address.

  • Your TP Link extender’s Ethernet connection to your current router is unstable.

  • The web browser you are using is outdated.

  • Your TP Link range extender’s WiFi signals are being disrupted.

Now that you know the reasons behind the not functioning problem, you can move on to the next step for getting the issue fixed.

Fixed: Not Working

Restart TP Link Extender

Technical hitches may prevent you from accessing, as was previously mentioned. But do not worry. All you have to do is restart your TP Link extender to resolve the problem.

Once done, check whether you can access web address or not. If still an error message is appearing on your screen, then continue reading.

Use the Right Website Address

It’s likely that when you attempted to log in to your TP Link extender, you did not input the correct address in the address bar of your web browser. But do not worry. We can assist you in correcting your error.

Simply use the proper web address the next time you want to access the TP Link login page.

Check the Ethernet Connection

If the connection between your TP Link extender and the home router is made using an Ethernet cable, it’s time you check the connectivity between your devices. You need to ensure that the coaxial cable used for connecting your WiFi devices is not having any cuts or breakage.

If you find the cable is torn off from any point, get it replaced with a new one. Those who are not having access to an extra cable are advised to establish a connection between their devices wirelessly.

Update Your Internet Browser

It has been found that users are unable to access the default web address of their TP Link extenders if the web browser they are using for the process is outdated. If you have committed the same mistake, then do yourself favor and update your web browser to the latest software version.

You can also change your web browser if there is an availability of two browsers on your device. However, ensure that the other one is up-to-date. Additionally, you can wipe off cache and cookies from your web browser to get the issue fixed at hand.

Check for WiFi Interference

Last but not least, WiFi interference could be a possible reason behind making you experience login web address not working issue. In such a case, you need to keep your TP Link range extender away from the reach of devices or appliances causing WiFi interference.

For beginners

  • Power cables, adapters, and other common appliances like microwaves and fluorescent lights. They produce signals that may obstruct your WiFi.

  • Wireless devices, such as cordless phones, keyboards, baby monitors, fitness trackers, etc. Similar to the appliances mentioned above, the wireless signals those gadgets utilize to connect to other devices can significantly slow down operations and lead you to face not working issue.

  • Commonly used household appliances like wireless security cameras can produce a lot of interference. So, keep such things at bay.

  • In general, wireless signals are bad in dense materials like concrete, metal, and stone. Modern home insulation materials that reflect light, including foil and mirrors, can disrupt WiFi connections.


We hope that the preceding troubleshooting advice has assisted you in resolving the not working problem with your TP Link range extender. Consider resetting your device to default settings and configuring it again from scratch if you are still experiencing problems while accessing the web address of your TP Link range extender.

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