Role of Reputation Management in Building and Boosting Your Law Firm’s Image

Reputation management is an integral part of digital marketing, and it involves keeping track of and efficiently managing the overall image of a brand using online strategies. Law firms need to manage and boost their reputation online and maintain an impressive reputation in the community and among their peers. Often a negative customer review may ruin your law firm’s image and overall reputation. As per the findings of a survey in 2017, around 64 percent of users admitted that they trust whatever they come across in search results while researching firms online. According to Entrepreneur, 59 percent of users trust search engines and firmly believe in their authenticity more than typical human editors.

A fantastic digital reputation could be a valuable and powerful marketing asset for your law firm. Always give top priority to reputation management. Reputation management should not be ignored or undermined. Poor client reviews may result in you losing countess leads and potential clients.

Reputation Management & Negativity Bias

Negativity bias is actually a psychological phenomenon that compels humans to remember unpleasant memories more than positive memories. Negativity bias impacts your firm’s reputation. An individual will probably remember a bad incident and leave a negative review. A person who had a wonderful experience is less likely to leave a positive review. You must hire experienced, trained experts with sound knowledge of effective reputation management strategies and techniques. They will be there with you every step and assist your law firm in leveraging the power of good reviews and positive client experiences.

Reputation Management Begins with You

Reputation management begins and ultimately ends with you. You need to rectify processes that culminate in negative reviews. Seek professional help to learn and understand ways to improve and resolve areas of concern. Get in touch with a reliable lawyer marketing firm for perfect solutions.

Focus on Getting Reviews & Client Testimonials

Research reveals that 72 percent of clients who requested to provide a review went ahead and wrote a review. Make it a point to ask happy customers to write a good review for your law firm. The best time to request a client review is while handing over the compensation settlement check. Customers pay attention to the opinion of other customers. Around 79 percent of people trust online reviews the same way they trust personal recommendations. Moreover, 87 percent of consumers always focus on reading online reviews to form an opinion about any local business. Law firms with poor online reviews need to take proactive steps otherwise; they will keep losing substantial leads.

It is best to respond promptly to a negative customer review. Thank the customer for their feedback. This will demonstrate that you are paying attention to them and value their opinion. Consider getting in touch with them via phone or email. Understand their grievances and try your best to resolve the issue. Client testimonials are an easy and affordable way of boosting your law firm’s online image or reputation as they come free. You may consider placing client testimonials strategically on your official website. Let your clients tell the world why they like partnering with your law firm.

Sign up for GMB or Google My Business

Google Business Profile and GMB account are free. Your law firm should consider grabbing this golden opportunity. As per the findings of a recent study, a local business having a GMB profile on an average gets 1,260 views every month. A local business gets 59 actions per month from its Google My Business listing. This may include calls, requests for directions, or website visits.


There are several other ways of fortifying your image and reputation online. You may consider writing impressive attorney bios highlighting the prestigious universities, awards, degrees, bar associations, and board positions to boost credibility. You may opt for advanced reputation management software. Diligence and consistency are the keys to your law firm’s success and good reputation. Do not forget to respond proactively to any negative media coverage.

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