What is the right time to replace your boxing gloves?

Remember that pair of boxing gloves you bought for the first time before you officially started your sports journey? It isn’t easy to let go of your favorite pair, but they cannot last forever and won’t perform effectively forever. So what should you do?

It is necessary to be careful with your gloves to increase their life expectancy so they can last long. Since they are the focal point of contact in this sport, the gloves take in pretty much all of the brunts from your practice sessions, fights, and punching bags. 

If you’re wondering how long the boxing equipment lasts before you need to replace them, then you have come to the right place. This blog is a quick insight into the life expectancy of the gloves and the major signs when you should replace them.

Signs It’s Time To Get New Boxing Gloves

It’s not difficult to spot a worn-out pair of gloves and know when to buy new ones. Let’s look at some easy and indicative signs that it’s time to throw the old gear out the window and buy some glossy new ones. 

Tears & Holes

Gloves can tear and develop holes in unexpected areas is one of the most frustrating aspects of wearing them. 

Most of the time, if the tear occurs within a month or two of you receiving the gloves, they are still usable and the tear or hole is merely a visual issue.

However, no amount of repair will help if the padding is ripping through the holes. You will wind up hurting other people or yourself during practice sessions or a fight. It’s a major sign to get rid of them and buy a new pair immediately. 

Velcro Stickiness

Whether you use the traditional lace-up boxing gear or the velcro-strapped gloves (for practice and sparring), they might run into issues with time. 

Every piece of Velcro eventually loses its adhesion, and that’s not enjoyable when it happens to boxing gloves. You have to stop and adjust them all the time to keep the gloves from flying off your hands. 

The wrist area is typically too loose when the Velcro is not secured tightly, which can result in unwanted damage. 

Due to the large number of tiny bones that make up your hands, spraining the wrist or breaking the tiny bones is fairly possible if you don’t replace the gloves soon. 


The single most defining factor for a glove’s lifespan is its padding. If the covering inside the gloves starts wearing out, nothing else will work effectively. The padding around your hands and knuckles should always bounce back after every blow. 

If it doesn’t, that means the boxing equipment is either shabby or too old, and it’s high time you get yourself a new pair. 

Bad Odor

You can save your gloves from smelling horribly like unclean, damp socks, or toxic waste. The boxing gear lives a lot longer if you take good care of them and make sure to dry them out after every training session.

However, no matter how vigilant you are with the cleaning, the sweat will eventually settle in the thicker layers of your gloves and stick there. And once the bad odor locks in, it won’t go away no matter how much you clean them.

At this point, it is recommended and beneficial to buy a new pair of gloves to save you and your opponents from gagging during a match. No one wants that mid-fight.

When Should You Replace The Boxing Equipment?

The life expectancy of the gloves depends on the type. Experts give different time spans for the various types of gear. Let’s take a look at them.

Practice Gloves

The bag/practice gloves should be substituted every 8-9 months depending on the number of times you use them per week. For instance, you practice five times a week so that would make a total of twenty rounds per month. 

To get the most accurate representation of how many minutes you spent working out, keep track of how many rounds you log for each training session.

To avoid possible hand injuries, you should change the gloves whenever you notice the padding is damaged or you can feel more pressure on your knuckles through the glove.

Fighting Gloves

If you regularly use sparring gloves, it is recommended that they must be replaced every six months based on the frequency of usage. Just like the training gear, ensure that you record the number of rounds for the fighting gloves. 

When wearing gloves, you should feel one to two inches of padding around your knuckles. The foam will break down more quickly with increased use and contact, so it has to be changed. 

Replace your boxing equipment earlier for safer interaction if you see any splits or abrasive wear in the leather or material enclosing the knuckle area. 

Quick Tips

Clean your sparring gloves after each usage to increase their lifespan. You can utilize your gloves more effectively by cleaning the extra body fluids, sweat, and salts that degrade the leather and foam composition in the gloves.  

Additionally, allow them to completely dry after each workout to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria, spores, and germs.

Never use fighting and practice gloves exchangeably because it will wear out the sparring gear easily. Practice gloves are typically used on punching bags; if you use sparring gloves to hit stiff surfaces, their padding will get damaged in no time. 

Throwing away your favorite pair of boxing gloves may feel difficult but it is better and more effective in the long run. Infinitude Fight has high quality and diverse options for the gear, so you don’t have to replace a favorite piece before its actual lifespan.


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