Payment Services Are Just One Aspect Of The Aspire Brand

Your aspiration of becoming a business owner of international standards without going through the rigorous scrutiny of valid documents, being equipped with the latest financial tools, and without waiting too long and paying hefty amounts of fees is served by Aspire. It provides financial services like corporate accounts, debit and credit cards, international payment services, and invoice management tools.

How to acquire an Aspire business account?

Establishing an aspire account doesn’t take much time for businesses operating in and outside Singapore until and unless they don’t fall under the category of the prohibited list of companies in their Acceptable Use Policy, such as weapon manufacturing, gambling, pharmaceuticals, etc.

It is also possible for businesses based outside of Singapore to own Aspire business cards if they aren’t incorporated into a sanctioned country and are ready to operate in USD. One among the several business structures can be chosen for incorporation by the governments. In case of difficulty deciding the proper infrastructure, aspire acts like your financial guardian angel.

What are the steps to set up aspire business accounts?

Businesses registered in Singapore and those not yet registered can incorporate with Aspire to get an aspire business account easily. The online registration process hardly takes time, probably a few minutes, and later on, the verification process might take up to 1-3 days. In some cases, further scrutiny is required about the type of business the organization is pursuing. With the allotment of an Aspire account, you can also receive virtual cards. These cards are an essential real-time tool for managing the organization’s expenses.

How can Aspire business accounts benefit business owners and the organization?

  1. Less processing fees for payments: 

The purpose of establishing Aspire as an international payments provider is to empower local and international businesses looking forward to simple, fast, low-cost payment solutions to build their digital business infrastructure. Aspire customers can make cross-border payments in a fast, secure, and meager transaction cost in fifty-plus currencies. They can manage their business and expenses without any trouble.

  1. Automated expense management tool: 

Aspire’s website is technologically designed so that users can track and manage expenses in real time. Virtual corporate cards can be issued to individuals by setting limits and uploading invoices digitally, allowing them to reconcile accounts quickly and move on to other important stuff. Employees can utilize corporate cards for business expenses without worrying about losing them.

  1. Third-party integrations: 

If the payments for eCommerce businesses are received from various platforms and popular marketplaces, the charges can be obtained directly into your Aspire account. Bookkeeping can be made more accessible by integrating this account with other accounting software. With all the income accumulated in one place, it becomes easier to analyze and draw insights to make better financial decisions.

Aspire business accounts can be an ideal partner for you to level up your organization’s performance and growth bar through their streamlined services and low costs. 

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