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Obligations to sell your property

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The law obliges the seller of a property to provide the buyer with certain details relating to the property at the time of the sale. You must also provide the buyer with certain very important documents so that everything happens legally. If you are considering selling an apartment or a house, Batch Skip Tracing Inc tells you all about your obligations as a seller.

Inform the buyer of key information about the property

When you  sell real estate , you have a duty to inform the potential buyer of the important details in relation to the property sold. This is an obligation made by French regulations. The latter governs the mandatory information that any seller must provide. Failure to comply with its prescriptions entails legal sanctions.

Remember, therefore, that you must inform the buyer of the legal data relating to the house or apartment. The purchaser must know whether or not there is an easement for the right of way, for example. If there is a pact of preference, a mortgage or an advertising contract, the buyer is entitled to know it. You must also provide information relating to the area of ​​the property for sale.

Provide the documents on the real estate diagnostics of the accommodation

Apart from the above information,  the law requires the seller to provide various real estate diagnoses . These must be contained in the authentic deed of sale and also in the sales agreement.

These include, among other things, diagnostics informing the buyer of the presence or absence of termites, lead or asbestos. The diagnoses relating to the conformity or not of the electricity or gas devices are also necessary as well as those on the risks and pollution. Depending on the region, you must also provide a dry rot diagnosis and also a sanitation diagnosis.

Submit the necessary documents in the event of a sale of co-ownership

If  the property for sale is jointly owned , you also have the obligation to provide some other documents as well. Among these are:

       the descriptive state of division,

       the maintenance log,

       the amount of expenses (non-budget and current).

You must also give the buyer the rules of the co-ownership and information on the amounts due to the syndicate. When your property is vacant land on which the buyer wants to build, you must notify him of the presence or absence of demarcation. In case of existence of demarcation, it is then necessary to give him a clear description of it. The law also obliges you in the context of the sale of land to inform the buyer about  the town planning rules to be respected for the construction .

Bring the property up to standard in the event of immediate danger

The seller has the obligation to bring the accommodation up to standard when it is old and is intended for rental. In this context, the landlord must provide his tenant with decent housing in accordance with the legislation. To this end, he must ensure that safety and health standards are respected in terms of access to electricity, heating and water.

In the context of the sale of real estate , it is not essential to bring it up to standard. The seller has an obligation to do this only when there is a significant risk such as the high presence of asbestos dust. However, we strongly recommend that you proceed with this upgrading to complete your real estate transaction at a satisfactory price. For the sale of your property, you can request the services of Parraine-les Tous.


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