Nick Caporella, Natl Beverage Corp: Profile and Biography


Nick A. Caporella is the Chairman and CEO of the renowned soft drink company National Beverage Corp, which is situated in South Florida, Florida, and is thought to earn an annual salary of about $6.46 million. Since the 1985 founding of National Beverage Corp, Nick Caporella has served in these capacities.

Nick Caporella is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the well-known soft drink manufacturer National Beverage Corp, with its headquarters in South Florida, Florida, and is thought to earn $6.46 million in salary yearly. Since the National Beverage Corp’s founding in 1985, Nick has worked there and has held these jobs.


Nick Caporella founded the National Beverage Corp in 1985 as a defence against Victor Posner’s stick trading attempts to acquire the cable and telecommunications systems installer company, Burnup & Sims Inc. Given that he now owned two businesses, Nick purchased Shasta Beverages from Sara Lee Corporation for about $40 million in the same year in order to increase National Beverage Corp.’s revenue. He has held the positions of Chairman and CEO of National Beverage Corp. since 1985. Nick led National Beverage Corp. as president from 1985 to 2002.

Nick has been offering his services since January 1992 through Corporate Management Advisors (CMA), Inc., a management firm that he owns. Additionally, Nick held the positions of President and CEO of Burnup & Sims Inc. from 1976 until 1994. Nick served as Burnup & Sims Inc.’s chairman of the board from 1979 to 1994.


Nick has worked in the business world for more than 50 years, holding key leadership roles and carrying out crucial duties as CEO and Chairman of numerous profitable ventures in both the public and private sectors.


Nick Caporella has won numerous honours and recognition for his numerous fruitful business ventures. Because of his business success, Nick has been admitted to the Institute of American Entrepreneurs. Additionally, Nick has received the Horatio Alger Award for business savvy.

One of the key social projects in which Nick is deeply involved is a research initiative that aims to find a better treatment for paediatric (children’s) cancer. He presently holds a position on the St. Jude Children’s Hospital’s Professional Advisory Board.

Youth: Childhood and Education

Nick Caporella, an immigrant from Italy, was born in 1937 in the small mining town of Connellsville, Pennsylvania. His father supported the family by working long shifts as a coal miner. On the other side, his mother assisted by managing a sandwich store and a dairy bar. By the time he was 11 years old, Nick had a variety of odd occupations, including running a hauling service for farmers, running a bicycle repair shop, and gathering scrap metal to sell to junkyards.


Mr. Nick Caporella actively participates in numerous social projects as part of his philanthropic activities. One of the key ones is his active participation in research initiatives that are aimed at enhancing paediatric (children’s) cancer treatments. He currently serves on the Professional Advisory Board of St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Caporella, Nick Salary, Income, and Investments: Net Worth

Nick Caporella, a well-known American investor and businessman, has a net worth of $4 billion, which has grown as a result of the success of his various ventures. He founded, serves as chairman, and is the CEO of the National Beverage Company, which makes soft drinks. This large investment has allowed him to amass the enormous wealth he currently enjoys. He made his initial fortune while working as a contractor in the construction sector, which allowed him to create the beverage company in 1985. Additionally, he served as the CEO of the telecom and cable company Burnup & Sims in a prior life.

Nick, a Pennsylvania coal miner’s kid, has had a different life story over the course of his lifetime. Currently, he owns over 73 percent of the outstanding shares of National Beverage. He is renowned for never having sold a single share since starting his business. His wealth has varied over the past few years, going from $1.5 billion to $5.5 billion at various points. His National Beverage Corp. markets LaCroix, Shasta, and Faygo among other goods. The business ranks among the top five soft drink producers in the US.

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