MXCode FakeLoc Review: How to Fake Your GPS Location from IOS Device?

There are multiple ways to change your location on the iPhone or Mac. But why do people want to fake their location? Why don’t they want other people to see where they are exactly? Even I never liked my friends or family knowing about my exact location. It was like they are watching me the whole time. Hence, I looked for many ways to change my location on the iPhone but it worked only for some time. Many people wish to fake GPS location for multiple reasons.

I always wanted to fake my location as I care about my privacy which I guess most people care about. Moreover, people have multiple reasons to let others know about their fake location. For instance, sometimes you want to hide with your friends and family and don’t want them to know about the exact location. Other than that, many people wish to change their location to get access to certain websites or games. Hence, MXCode software has been much helpful for me and many people for sure. It helps fake a location on your phone without any jailbreak.

What Happens with MXCode FakeLoc App?

FakeLoc app is by far the best location changer app by which you can easily change your location without any difficulty. I use it multiple times whenever I don’t feel like telling someone my exact location. You can use this app to get access to games like Pokemon Go or for certain websites. This app does wonders to your phone as it changes your location to anywhere in the world. All you have to do is download the app on your phone first. You must know that you cannot download the FakeLoc app directly on your phone. However, you can go to the software and click on download for windows or macOS. It means that you will need a computer to get the app on your phone.

Moreover, after downloading the app, you can log in to the app and allow certain permissions asked by the app. If you allow the permissions, then you will be able to proceed further. Afterward, you can set your desired location by clicking on any place in the world mentioned on the map. There you go! You are now all set to let people know about your fake location. Just make sure to clear the settings after you are done with the fake location changing.

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