Learn About Cat Flea Collars and Their Safety

When it is about fleas, you would want to keep them off your furball, garden, and home. But how to get rid of them and show them their place? There are many pet-safe products readily available online or in pet stores that can repel or kill fleas effectively.

These pesky little critters seemingly appear out of nowhere and can become a genuine nuisance in a pet household. They can cause irritation and skin issues through persistent scratching, infections, and diseases, which is why they must be controlled with various remedies.

At the same time, you must consider being prepared with a medical financial backup in terms of kitten insurance NZ, so dealing with illnesses and injuries caused by flea or tick attacks and many other unexpected health situations is much easier.

While you contemplate purchasing kitten insurance, read this article to learn about flea collars and their efficiency.

Cat flea collars

Many preventive and curative flea medications are made to be taken orally or applied topically, whereas cat flea collars work a little differently. They contain chemicals that will be released within 24 hours of wearing them and start killing the fleas at around the three-week point, thereby helping to guard your cat against those annoying pests. However, it mostly depends on the type of collar used. Some collars repel/kill younger fleas, and others target only adult fleas.

Cat flea collar safety

Some items used on flea collars can negatively impact your munchkin’s health, which is why you must first do your research and consult your vet before buying a product.

Even when many brands claim that they have used tried and tested ingredients with no side effects, you should double-check the safety of a product. Natural flea collars are rarely available because their constituents are not as strong to deter the fleas. Still, you can check for a product with a reliable balance of components that helps control the annoying pests that cause little to no adverse effects on health.

It is worth noting that some over-the-counter flea control products contain potentially harmful ingredients. Significant proportions of pesticide residue generally remain on a feline fur baby’s fur for days to weeks after they are made to wear a flea collar. Remember that these chemicals are toxic to humans as well.

This is why you must consider product approval ratings, safety standards, customer reviews, and vet recommendations before picking a product for your cat infested with fleas. Don’t go by the price tag alone while choosing a product, and know that not all cats react positively to natural flea collars. They can contain essential oils that may cause unpleasant reactions on coming in contact with a feline’s skin and coat.

Read the product usage information provided by the manufacturer carefully and follow the instructions to safely and correctly use it on your cat. After putting on the flea collar, monitor your furball for potential side effects. Remove the collar at the sign of even the slightest discomfort. Contact your vet right away for advice on the following steps.

Kitten insurance NZ covers a feline fur baby’s testing, treatment, and medications during unplanned vet visits like these and many others. Consider purchasing kitten insurance to tackle unforeseen pet health expenses with little stress and provide your munchkin with quality health care at the same time.


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