Is Fake AirPods best for music?

It’s understandable why so many people are searching for a deal; fortunately, you can frequently find fashionable white headphones for much less. For instance, Amazon currently has almost £60 off the price of the fake AirPods Pro (here); for more information, see our roundup of the best AirPods deals. What if you discover an even better offer on a website like Ebay? Can you be certain that the allegedly brand-new AirPods in the original package are authentic?

The supposedly inexpensive item ends up being a fake that closely mimics the pricy original more frequently. Although counterfeit goods are not a recent issue, knockoff fake AirPods Pro are frequently seen on online shopping sites. Checking the serial number is the first step; you don’t even need to unpack the device. This can be submitted on the Apple website using the information contained on the side of the packaging. This was quickly determined to be false in the instance of our bogus device, revealing it to be a clone.


The majority of the counterfeit technology appears flawless at first inspection, and all of the attachments are present. All the typical paperwork and instructions are included with our test unit, along with a housing for the real-looking fake AirPods Pro, a lightning cord, and additional plugs. However, some people might be leery of the enclosed instructions: The directions’ print quality was average, and the font was hazy. Very rare for Apple leaflets, but this isn’t truly proof, in my opinion.

When we activated our AirPods, a popup did appear on our iPhone, but there was a significant difference: we were told to hit the button on the back of the case. The iOS headphones wouldn’t be added until after that. This extra key push would not be necessary if they were the original AirPods. Additionally, we discovered that using a Mac mini was problematic without a W1 chip and that the only way to switch between a Mac and an iPhone was through the Bluetooth menu. The microphone couldn’t be recognized, either.

Pros and cons

On our fictitious equipment, for instance, we were able to do the fit test for ear implants. The test usually passed, therefore not everything was as it seemed. The best fit of both earphones was confirmed even when we were only wearing one of them. But the Active Noise Cancelation, which is based on the excellent microphones of the AirPods, is one of the most intricate features of the Pro models. To our astonishment, we were able to turn on the Transparency mode as well as this function. However, as we soon discovered, there was no discernible difference between the noise cancelling that was enabled and that was not—clearly a fraud.

Check here first if you still have the box your AirPods came in because Apple is fastidious about its packaging. At first sight, the box can appear to be authentic, but there are a few things to watch for. The box itself need should fit tightly. Something might not be right if the inner box and its cover fall apart very easily or don’t fit together properly.

Fake AirPods case

Another thing to look at is the font used for the fake AirPods name and the Apple logo on the packaging. You may have a fake if these are reflecting rather than flat grey, for instance. The port at the bottom of your charging case is the first thing you should inspect. This is a Lightning port on genuine Apple AirPods, but counterfeit versions may have a USB-C port there in its place.

Inspect your fake AirPods

For some reason, counterfeit producers appear to have trouble replicating the AirPods’ very ends. This is probably a fake if it is round. From model to model, this varies. For instance, the AirPods Pro doesn’t feature a bottom vent. Checking the serial number with Apple is the most certain way to ensure that your AirPods are the real article. You most likely have a fake if the business has never heard of the serial number.


Checking if fake AirPods lack a feature or function that they should have is another approach to identify them. The AirPods Pro must, for instance, feature wireless charging. These AirPods’ charging case is a fake if it doesn’t enable wireless charging. Additionally, the Bluetooth settings will display the AirPods icon next to the device name as soon as your AirPods are connected to an iPhone or a MacBook. If you don’t see an icon, the AirPods you’re holding are fake.

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