Important Things to Know Before Investing Your Money

“If you do not find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” 

– Warren Buffet. 

Investing is one of the easiest ways to make money while sleeping. If you invest your money well and into the right assets, your money can grow substantially. However, investment requires a lot of prudence and analysis. It may not be wise if the same money is invested in the wrong asset class or without any specific goal. This article will discuss the basics of investment and the important things to know before investing your money.

Essential Things to Know Before You Make Your First Investment

Know your goal

A wide range of investment options is available, and an even more comprehensive range of asset classes is available to invest in. It would be best to have an apparent mindset when you plan to invest your money. The goal of investment varies from person to person. Some look for a long-term gain, while some investors want to make quick money in a short time. Both strategies have merit given you are sure of what you are doing.

If accumulating wealth over a long time without much volatility is your aim, instruments like fixed deposits are a profitable option. With the minimum amount required for a fixed deposit going down substantially over the past few years, you can start putting money into a fixed deposit very early in your life.

Timeframe of Investment is Important

The timeframe is everything in investment. If you invest in an asset that takes a more extended timeframe to mature and give returns, you won’t be able to take out money. Such asset classes are not suitable to invest in for a shorter period. Also, alignment between your investment goals and timeframe is critical. For example, if your goal is to save for your child’s education, a longer time frame is reasonable. However, if you are saving and planning to buy a new vehicle from the returns you get from your investment, you can’t choose options where your money gets locked for too long.

With the minimum amount required for fixed deposit coming down substantially and the period of fixed deposit also getting shorter, you can choose these safe investment options for the short term.

Understanding Risk Tolerance

Risk tolerance defines your appetite to invest and stay in the game for long. It is the amount of loss you are ready to bear on your invested amount. Risk tolerance depends on many things and primarily on what you perceive as risk. Investing in volatile assets like shares of a company requires more risk tolerance than investing your money in fixed deposits.

Understand what the money that you are going to invest means to you. If you have a spare corpus of funds to invest that will not affect your everyday life, you can invest it in more volatile assets. However, if you want to grow your money gradually, you can put your money in fixed deposits.

Asset Diversification

After discussing risk tolerance, it is logical to talk about asset allocation. If you are thinking of investing your money, you should first understand asset diversification. Asset diversification is the only way to mitigate the risk of ruin in your investment portfolio.

An intelligent way to allocate assets is to diversify your investments into high risk and low-risk investments. If your risk tolerance is high, put a more significant chunk of your money into high-risk assets like shares and if your risk appetite is low, then put a more substantial percentage of your money into more stable investments.

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Know which product to invest in

Once you have thought about all the points discussed above, you have to zero in on the product you want to invest in. You can either choose to invest through a fixed deposit, mutual fund, gold etc. The choice of product is solely up to you and your investment goal. Ensure to consult with an excellent financial institution to choose the right product. There are financial institutions that provide better rates and conditions for investment. For example, the minimum amount required for a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is Rs. 5,000, and it may vary from institution to institution. You should check which one is more suitable for you and the interest rates offered on each.

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