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How to prepare yourself for your first meeting with a car accident lawyer

Dealing with the consequences of a car accident can be a traumatic experience, to say the least. From car repair bills to medical bills,  bearing with the car rental costs, or going out to work without your vehicle, the aftermath can put you in a financial crunch. Soon after a car accident, you will find yourself bleeding with financial bills that you will find impossible to pay off. This is when you may think of filing a lawsuit in order to get compensation for your injuries and losses.

According to Ladah Law Firm,  if it is the first time that you have met with a car accident,  you made required the professional expertise of a  lawyer. There are several aspects of the law that you are unaware of as a layman. Let’s check out how to prepare yourself for the first meeting with a car accident lawyer.

What to carry to your first meet with a car accident lawyer

When you plan to visit an attorney, there is nothing called too much documentation. the more documents you carry, the more proof you can show as a backup of your claims.  Here are a few important things to carry to the meeting:

  • Pictures and videos of the accident scene, your car as well as the other cars involved in the accident
  • Details of your insurance policy
  • The license and insurance details of the other driver
  • Reports written by the police
  • Your Insurance Company claim
  • Medical reports and medical receipts
  • Contact details and statements from eyewitnesses
  • Reports and bills of car repair
  • A written record of the details of the accident

A few other details that might also be important for the car accident attorney are your speed at the time of the accident, what the weather was like during the time of the accident, the time and location of the day,  where the vehicle was coming from, and what sort of traffic signs were there in that area. 

What should you expect in a meeting with your car accident attorney?

The Attorney will carefully read all the documentation that you brought and may also demand an explanation about the things that you remember from the scene of the accident. Say whatever you know about the accident and expect the lawyer to follow up with questions and instruct you to share further details that are more necessary for the case.

The lawyer will discuss your options, and the objectives of the case and also give you a realistic projection of the outcome.


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