How to create a perfect holiday packaging design?

The concept of creating a holiday packaging design should have a plan. It allows you to plan ahead so that you already have ideas about how your products will look next year.

You need to decide what factors you will use in the consumer packaged goods. It can be a bow inside the box, a sparkling tissue sheet, a unique gift bag, or even custom tags for the holidays. Using graphics to convey the depth of elements can be an alternative to dimensional elements when adding bows, gift tags, and holiday patterns. 

In addition, there are also ways to grab the attention of the client by using special foil stamping, reflective inks, or embossed paper.

Make decisions based on the audience you’re trying to reach. When designing holiday packaging, keep in mind who your demographic is and what they expect. You will have a lot of time to consider various options if you plan these details early on.

Holiday Packaging: What to Look for

Depending on your product and budget, you have many options when choosing Holiday packaging! In case you are wondering what your best options are, here are a few of them

1. Boxes with unique styles

There are a wide variety of ways you can package your holiday gifts, and holiday boxes offer a variety of options. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating unique and beautiful packaging. You can use wood, plastic, steel, and cardboard. 

It has become a lot more popular to use sustainable options like cardboard in this regard. In addition to product boxes, thicker-walled mailer boxes built for e-commerce are also a good option. Elegant boxes for your products have thinner walls and are used for retail shelves.

2. It’s always better to have less

Holiday packaging is one of the most vital components of the whole process. It’s always good to go for the classic options, but straying from the norm gives you a chance to make an impact on clients. 

Artwork on the packaging is becoming more common in order to increase brand value and give it a unique look. Packaging can easily appear cluttered and hectic when it gets carried away with design. 

The best designs are timeless, and they still reflect your brand, but remember that there is a balance between design and simplicity.

3. A key element is a sustainability

Your holiday packaging must always place ‘green’ at the forefront, no matter what kind you choose.  There is nothing like the holidays, but there is also a lot of waste to contend with. 

It has been shown that a great deal of holiday waste comes from ribbons, boxed gifts, laminated cards, wrapping paper, and plastic bags. These materials are not only hard to recycle, but also a lot of them are impossible to recycle. 

The retailer must take a lead role in creating packages that reduce waste. As a result, customers are more likely to feel positive when they look at the packaging.

The focus on retailers’ carbon footprint has increased, so packaging that uses non-recyclable and non-green materials does not make sense! 

4. Get the most out of social networks

Unboxing experiences are becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, as well as their impact on sales. 

It is likely that people will gravitate towards the products more if the unboxing is good. What’s the best way to generate such a buzz? There are many ways to spread the word about your product, including direct contact with clients. 

You should include your accounts on social media on the packaging, as well as holiday hashtags. Thus, this will allow clients to tell others about their unboxing at their own expense! 

Social media appeal and viral marketing are important in driving sales, which makes your packaging more appealing to social media users. Your holiday packaging orders are due as soon as possible with the holiday season getting closer. 

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