How To Check The Quality Of Rigid Packaging Boxes

Custom rigid boxes have proven themselves in many areas of requirements. For example, they are durable, resilient, and highly customizable according to demands. Hence they are used in multiple industries not just for packaging but also for display. However, not all rigid boxes are the same. They differ in quality and to select the most suitable boxes for your business, it is required to make them undergo a list of tests to check all the claims the sellers put forth.

Methods to check the quality of boxes

Let us take a look at all the available and most important methods to test for the quality of rigid boxes.

●      Technique to test the toughness

This method is utilized to measure the strength of the walls of the rigid packaging boxes. It is performed by applying pressure to the corrugated walls of the boxes. A rubber diaphragm is used in the process. Hydraulics expands the diaphragm and it applies the pressure until the wall bursts. A particular formula is used in the end to calculate the rigidity and strength of the box.

●      A technique to test the material quality

 When an industry or a business is using custom rigid boxes for the bulk of packaging, they need to be sure of the use of high-quality material in the boxes. This not only keeps the products safely enclosed but is essential to leave an impact on the buyers too. A side crush test is a way to check the quality of the material used in the production of boxes.

One edge of the box is crushed by the application of force. The rigid boxes are lined on the inside by ridges. As in, the two flat sheets of fiberboard pack a sheet of waves or ridges . The pressure is applied perpendicular to the ridges until the boxes get crushed. The more the boxes can resist the better the quality . Moreover, results vary depending upon the quality of the custom rigid boxes.

●      Checking the durability of printed and painted rigid boxes

The use of high quality printing and painting on rigid boxes is high in demand nowadays. These labels, logos, and prints resting on the boxes might have to stay stacked up, or shipped for a long time and over large distances. In order not to be easily rubbed away by scratches and scuffing a test can be performed. For this matter, special rotatory scuffing testers are available . Besides, sometimes manual wiping can also show the resistance of printed and painted rigid packaging boxes. This check is especially necessary for the pharmaceutical industry or food industry where the labels need to stay visible for long periods.

●      Compression test

Custom rigid boxes are largely used in a variety of businesses. This translates into the fact that they need to be stacked up, one over the other. This condition might get them damaged or deflected. Hence, checking for how long can the walls of these boxes stay against each other by stacking them before use as a test and keeping a record of time can help. Furthermore, if the boxes are containing heavy items like wood products or metal, the factors need to be taken into consideration while performing the test.

●      Chemical resistance check

Rigid boxes are in use in industries that produce chemical products as well. For instance, the soap industry or the biomedical industry. The boxes if not able to handle the chemicals properly might damage themselves in a facile manner. Therefore, microscopic checking of the paper pulp material of the rigid boxes is done . This lays down all the chemicals it cannot resist and also determines the Ph of the boxes’ substance.

The right rigid boxes for your products

Choosing perfectly suitable rigid boxes for your item is a crucial step that might make or break your business. Performing a couple more steps during the packaging procedure would help you grow. The tests performed to check the quality of custom boxes wholesale can show your sincerity to the incoming customers of your business as well. Hence, success comes undoubtedly!

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