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How Advertisement Get benefits for businesses?


Advertisement is the promotion of any of your businesses and services that you are selling online or offline. it is the open sponsor of these things everyone can see these ads and know about your businesses and services. it is a medium of communication between sellers and buyers it is usually published for brand awareness and for conveying any message to the public. It is the quick way aware people of anything. When anyone starts a new business he generally tries to promote his business with different methods to grow his business by spreading awareness about his business. There are few methods of ads, also new it methods are introduced every day. The traditional methods of it that are widely used in past and some are still in use are newspapers, magazines, television, direct mail, outdoor ads, and radio. These are the mediums used for it in past and some are still in use.

A new method of Advertisement is also introduced, and these methods are cheap and more convenient for the companies. The wealthy companies are still using the traditional media for their ads but the small companies cannot be able to afford these traditional media, so they prefer the new mediums of it that are within their reach. These mediums of ads are running through the wide network of the internet. There are a large number of social media platforms available on the internet, there are also social media marketers available that are providing the services of ads. Due to a large amount of competition on the internet, everyone on this platform is trying to beat others. So, in the race of competition, they are offering discounts. These small companies can easily avail of these offers and buy Advertisement services at cheap prices.

Who made the first ad?

Thomas J. Barratt from London has the honor to call the “father of modern Advertisement”. While working for the “Pears” soap company he made the first ad for his company. He made a very creative and effective advertising campaign. He used the slogan, images, and targeted phrases of the company, that’s why he is known as the “father of modern Advertisements”.

New methods

The new methods of Advertisement that are widely used these days are social media, blogging, websites, text messages, mailing, and telephonic ads. These methods are very cheap and within reach of individuals. Everyone is capable to buy these services easily. These mediums also provide accurate results and clearly show the statistics of reach, the rate of clicks, and views on your ads. You can buy the service of ads  at a very cheap price for testing the results of these ads. You can also learn the method of running your campaigns, many institutes are available that impart education about these social media platforms this technique is called social media marketing which is a branch of digital marketing.

How to earn money from Advertisements

If you want to earn money by running the ads or campaigns of different agencies and companies, you have to learn little about a social media marketing or digital marketing, there are many institutes available are that are educating people about these techniques related to social media marketing. You have to complete a course that is just 2 or 3 months long. In these institutes, you will learn how to run campaigns or ads on different social media platforms, after completing these courses you will be able to run campaigns or ads. Then you can make your fiver or up work account to find your clients. These clients pay you for running their ads

The best method of Advertisements

Commercial ads are played on television, recorded ads are played on radio and written ads are published in the newspaper; these methods cannot facilitate you to target a specific type of audience. Anyone can watch TV, listen to the radio, and read the newspaper that is why you cannot target a specific audience having the taste of your product. While on social media Advertisement you have the facility to target the specific audience having the taste of your product.


If you are managing or running a business then you have also faced this situation in which you have to choose the best platform for running your campaign. If you ever faced this problem then this article help’s you select the best method for your company to run your ad. I conclude that social media platforms are the best way of advertising your campaigns. These methods are quick, cheap, and also more effective than the traditional methods of Advertisements.

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