Gimkit: Tips and Tricks for Teachers


Gimkit is an online platform for students and teachers for all grades. This allows students to challenge themselves and against other people globally. At the end of each round candidates are allowed to see their progress report. Gimkit privacy policy makes them confident that no one is able to see where they are ranking. This hidden mode feature helps them to be motivated that they are not doing any hard work.

How much does Gimkit pro subscription costs?

The starting 30 days are free of cost and from then on once-a-month subscription fee is about $4.99. This provides you the access to all the tools and games that you need to provide pupils’ evolution and information as like low ranking with its integral spontaneous categorizing system. The starting 30 days free version also has almost same features that the pro version consists of.

Can teachers share their subscription with students and with other teachers?

The answer of your question is yes. Yes you can share your subscription with anyone you want to share with. Just copy the link of your subscription and share it with anyone you like. Your students can also join any type of game even without subscription. This is possible when you share your link with your students and let them join the class. The whole thing that you have to ensure to copy and share the link of the kits you have organized and they have to paste the link and can play it on their own phase.

What type of questions can teachers create by using Gimkit?

Teachers can generate different types of questions by using gimkit game kits to help their students with their study. These questions include two types of questions that are:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Text input

Multiple choice questions:

These questions can be created by the teachers by going into the dashboard at the multiple choice questions option. You can use this quiz as a classroom tool and also for assigning HW to the students.

Text input:

The text input is a type of answering quizzes where students answer the questions by typing the answer. Teachers can use this type of quizzes in online as well as to assign HW to the students to practice it on their own pace.

What is Gimkit live?

The gimkit live is an online quiz made by the teachers to test the skills of the students. Students are permissible to participate in contradiction of each other as a solo player as well as a team. Here the entire class is allowed to join in the class at a time. Here you can answer the questions as multiple choice as well as text input. This has proved beneficial for teachers to help them make teaching easy.


Gimkit is an online platform for teachers to help them improve their teaching skills as well as to help them in making teaching easy. The assign homework option helps the teachers to remain in contact with those students who were not present in the class due to any kind of problem.

If you are looking for a platform to help your students and to make the teaching easy then login to the Gimkit game now.

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