From Young to Old – T-Shirt is the Mainstay of all Wardrobes

Look around you, especially in the younger age group. You will find most of them wearing T-Shirts. While some will be printed in a floral or abstract design, some will have messages printed on them, while some will be plain. 

Custom t-shirts are one of the best ways to get your message across to the multitude.

The origin

While today it may seem that the T-shirt or tee as it is colloquially known is a ubiquitous part of the male and female wardrobe, it did not start off as so.

It was introduced by the US Navy as an undershirt. Many World War II vets wore it with trousers, but it was Hollywood legends Marlon Brando and James Dean who popularized it to what it is today.

The latest take on make your own shirt is programmable tees! Can you believe it!

The very first company to produce tees en-masse was the Cooper Underwear Company. What differentiates tees from shirts are three factors: they are button-less, they can be pulled over the head, and they can have designs and slogans printed on them. The first company to print designs on the fronts of tees was Tropix Togs.

While the most common fabric used to make tees is cotton, as it is one of the most comfortable cloths around, they can be made using other fabrics as well, such as polyester, linen, poly-cotton blend, tri-blends, and more.

A fun fact is that t-shirts were called so for the first time by the novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Types of Tees

Just like the wearer, a tee can be of many types.

Those who like gymming and are big-time into exercising prefer the muscle-fit t-shirt. These look the best of fitness freaks. Serious bodybuilders have a favorite custom t-shirt shop where they can get the tees that show their shape the best.

People who prefer classic styles love the crew neck tee. Choosing the right colors when it comes to t-shirts is a must if you don’t want to appear in ensembles that are jarring to the eye. And with so many colors and graphics on offer, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to buying tees for your wardrobe.

Then there are sleeves. How a tee will look overall also depends a lot on its sleeves. Some tees have raglan sleeves, while some have half or full sleeves. You should select the tee after examining which sleeve looks best on you.

While some t-shirts have pockets, some come with hoodies. Those who want a specific style go in for a custom t-shirt.

If you want a tee that’s different from the rest, you can head over to Custom Shirt Printings. They have a team of dedicated experts who will take in your ideas and convert them into the tee of your dreams. The printing professionals are detail-oriented, and legions of clients are very satisfied with the work, which is why most of them come back to them for more!

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