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Jake and Caroline Danehy, who are brother and sister, developed the apparel label Fair harbor swims trunks. They have always had a strong love for the beach because they grew up in a society where no shoes were worn. Jake and Caroline decided that they had to take action to address the issue after observing the rapid growth in plastic rubbish along the shore. Fair harbor swims trunks was established following numerous discussions. The millennial co-founders learned that recycled plastic could be used to make new swimsuits. They used polyester yarn that they had shredded from the gathered bottles to make their recognizable swim trunks.

All people can purchase sustainable apparel and swimwear from Fair harbor swims trunks. They use recycled materials in their garments and have reused more than 27 million plastic bottles. Numerous media outlets, such as Forbes, NBC News, GQ Magazine, and Business Insider, had the company mentioned. Fair Harbor is well on its way to being an industry leader in sustainable fashion, with over 70k followers on its Instagram page.

Fair harbor swim trunks

In 2014, Jake and Caroline Danehy, proprietors of a sustainable swimwear company, came up with the concept. They were all too familiar with the quantity of plastic debris dumped in the ocean because they had spent their younger years vacationing in Fair Harbor, New York. Both siblings came to the realization that the places they love won’t always exist as the number of trash increases. Although accepting reality can be difficult, they choose to take action rather than do nothing. The beachwear business was established at that point, and it is still dedicated to eco-friendly principles and sustainable fashion in order to preserve the cleanliness and beauty of the coastline for future generations. Fair harbor swims trunks place more emphasis on development than perfection at its headquarters in New York.

Fair Harbor places more emphasis on development than perfection at its headquarters in New York. That mentality gives rise to innovative fashion technology and activities that uphold the company’s commitment to the environment. Fair Harbor remakes plastic bottles into the recycled polyester fabric using sustainable resources they find in plastic bottles.

Feel amazing by wearing Fair harbor swim trunks

Swimsuit season has officially begun because it’s spring. Since most individuals are probably already considering summer, you might be considering replacing your current trunks. Swimwear of good quality can be a little more difficult to find than swim trunks, which are practically ubiquitous. That’s why Fair Harbor’s swim trunks drew my attention; they appear to offer a wide variety of unique styles at a fair price, all while promoting environmental sustainability by using fabrics manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.

When it comes to comfort, swim trunks can range from being plastic and feeling like wearing thin trash bags to being unbelievably comfortable and making you want to stay in them forever. The former is often the cost of a less expensive trunk, whereas the latter—at least theoretically—occurs when you spend a little more. How do they feel given that Fair harbor swims trunks prices are in the medium to a higher tier? Without a doubt: superb. The material is a proprietary blend of 90% recycled water bottles and 10% spandex that the business calls Breeze knit. Breeze knit is constructed of materials that may sound harsh, but it is actually gentle enough to wear for long periods of time in and out of the water.

Fair harbor swim trunks Reviews

On Fire Island in New York, Fair harbor swims trunks is a small, barefoot neighborhood wedged between the stunning Great South Bay and the vast Atlantic Ocean. Despite being small in size, the island is home to numerous soft sand beaches and strong North Atlantic waves. Fair Harbor is renowned for both its expansive oceanfront beach and its vibrant nightlife. Since its founding in the late 1800s, the area has been primarily a summer community’s haven. The beauty of Fire Island is that it can only be reached by ferry from the mainland. In brief, Fire Island is car-free, which is pleasant in today’s world.

Fair Harbor provides you with swim trunks that not only fit excellent but are worth a glance because they embody the carefree lifestyle. Both in terms of style and color, their categories are varied and acceptable for practically everyone. Along with the traditional designs, Fair Harbor shorts and swim trunks have some hip additions like side pockets, a drawstring waist, zippered pockets with key rings, and 6 to 7-inch inseams. Even more, buyers claimed they are more than just pool shorts, saying they are adaptable.


In its early years, Fair harbor swims trunks mostly concentrated on men’s swimwear. Men’s swim trunks constructed from previously used recycled plastic bottles were Fair Harbor’s first product to be released. The swim trunks are great for swimming, surfing, and water sports, according to their website. The swim shorts are extremely stretchy and convenient to move in both the water and out of it because they are primarily made of polyester. The trunks might give you more mobility while you are surfing because they are composed primarily of recycled plastic (80%), with the remainder being spandex and cotton. This swimsuit is comfortable enough to wear all day and durable enough to handle anything Mother Nature throws at you.

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