How does artwork play a decisive role in creating the perfect custom donut boxes?

custom donut boxes

Custom donut boxes are best suited for your bakery and donuts business. And, making the ideal custom donut box requires the use of striking artwork. It defines your box like no other and it is can become the decisive factor for a buyer who is toying with the idea of buying custom donut boxes for you. But, what constitutes an artwork, and why it is so vital for custom donut boxes? In this article, we shall throw light on this topic. So, let’s begin.

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What is artwork on custom donut boxes?

A custom box is incomplete without artwork. It is what sets it apart from a bland regular box. Artwork may include the use of appropriate pictures, graphics, colors, typography, etc. on the box. It is essentially the look of the box that you present to the buyers. Since it is the first contact a buyer may have with your product so you better pay close attention to it and invest your time and energy wisely.

custom donut boxes

custom donut boxes

Now that we have understood what exactly constitutes an artwork for the box, and how you can apply it on custom donut boxes for maximum effect.

Imagery should be fabulous:

By imagery, we include graphics, designs, patterns, and of course pictures of humans on the face of custom donut boxes. Whatever you put on the box, it must give off positive vibes. You cannot put the face of a sad man on the donuts’ box. Create happy, lively, and energetic images. Be it real or of inanimate type. But, you must convey the feeling of wholesomeness, goodness, and overall well-being through the images you choose to print on the box. Take experts’ help if you so desire.

Colors should be uplifting:

The other thing that you ought to pay attention to when it comes to artwork is the use of the right color theme for the box. For some reason, pink is the most widely-used color for donut boxes. But you can customize it to your own taste. It is not a cardinal rule to only use pink for custom donut boxes.

However, whatever color you decide should be enlightening, mood-boosting, and eye-catching. The use of vibrant colors is preferable for custom donut boxes. Think orange, indigo, yellow, green, etc. for your packaging. The color scheme of the box and the images must coordinate with each other. They should gel together perfectly. Neither should superimpose itself on each other. You can again seek professional help if you feel like it.

Let’s discuss typography now:

Not many people pay special attention to typography on the box even though it is as vital as anything else that we have discussed above in the realm of artwork. Typography includes the style and size of font that you use on custom donut boxes. There are hundreds of don’t styles and types available out there and choosing one for your box can be a daunting task. Do not get confused by the huge variety and take time to make your decision.

One guiding principle while deciding the font should be its legibility and appropriateness. It should not be overly funky to make it unreadable nor too common so as to look boring. The size of the font should be proportionate to the box. It should not be too small or too big. It must look balanced and in harmony.

Use print add-ons for maximum effect:

There are several print add-on techniques that you can use on custom donut boxes for accentuating the artwork that you have created. These add-ons will amplify the effect of the artwork and you can also use them to highlight important information. These add-ons are as follows;

Stamp foiling in gold, silver, or copper colors

UV spot printing



Matte or gloss finishing


Off-set or digital printing

Share useful information with the consumers:

We have highlighted the importance of typography and how it is an integral part of the artwork. But, what type of information you are sharing with the client is crucial too. Custom donut boxes can mean many things. For example, you can print some fun-fact related to donuts, their nutritional information, how to best enjoy them, etc. The buyers will appreciate it.

Placement of the logo is crucial in the artwork:

Lastly, we want to emphasize the use of the logo in the overall artwork of custom donut boxes. First of all, if you have not done it already, create a beautiful logo for your business. It should symbolize your donut business and should be an appealing aesthetic for the onlookers. A logo carries many benefits so do not underestimate its power and utility.
The placement of the logo should be as such in the artwork that it should not look out of place. It should effortlessly blend in it and also not lose its individuality. You do not want the graphics, imagery, etc. to overpower it. The purpose of the logo is to make bonding with the consumer. If it is not properly visible, then it is of no use. So, make use of it in an appropriate manner.

Printing the artwork of custom donut boxes:

For printing the artwork, always choose the best factory for the job. Fast Custom Boxes is one manufacturer where you will get the best job at the most affordable price. They have assembled the best team of designers who will guide you in developing the most impressive artwork for your custom donut boxes. You will also get to see the 3D mock-ups of your boxes before final production. You will be sure of what you are getting and then go for it.


That is all on the topic of creating beautiful artwork on custom donut boxes and their importance. If your artwork is beautiful and attractive, rest assured you have won half the battle and can expect it to perform well in the market.


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