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Can You Treat Inhalant Addiction at a Minnesota Drug Rehab?


Did you know that, on average, kids in the US abuse inhalants as early as 13 years? Reports suggest that Hispanics and whites are more likely to suffer from inhalant addiction issues.

How does inhalant addiction start?

The truth is inhalant addiction starts earlier than addiction to marijuana, alcohol, or tobacco. It’s the intentional inhalation of substances like solvents or paints to experience euphoria.

You may wonder why inhalants are a common choice amongst kids; it’s because these are cheap and easily available, and they produce instant euphoria. But if this condition stays undetected and untreated, the effects can be irreversible and life-threatening.

What are the withdrawal symptoms of inhalant addiction?

You will find people referring to inhalant abuse as “huffing” because you breathe these inhalants into your lungs. You either spray them into your nose or soak cloth into an inhalant and hold it to your face. Besides these, addicts often snort or sniff inhalant fumes directly or inhale fumes from a bag in which the inhalant has been immersed. Whatever the method, the “high” doesn’t last more than 30 minutes.

Usually, those who stop taking inhalants rarely experience withdrawal symptoms. But, if you suddenly stop inhaling these substances, you may experience withdrawal.

In detox, for instance, where the inhalants are flushed out of the body, an addict may experience symptoms like extreme fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, hallucinations, hand tremors, etc. Such symptoms start appearing within 24-48 hours of stopping inhalation. While there aren’t any medicines to ease such symptoms, doctors can give you supplements to control insomnia and nausea.

Can inhalant addiction be treated?

To beat this addiction, you need to find a reputed Minnesota drug rehab if you are a resident of this state. An addict may be admitted into an inpatient rehab facility or an outpatient rehab.

As part of the treatment, he will be made to attend support groups, follow 12-step programs, and undergo therapy. Assessment must be done by addiction professionals to chalk out the right plan for treatment.

The severity of withdrawal symptoms varies from one person to another; it depends on multiple factors like duration and severity of addiction, the number of substances abused, the patient’s mental health, medical history, etc. 

Usually, supervised treatment at drug detox centers is effective in helping the addict recover completely. The patient learns to identify triggers and develops the skills to keep away from temptation.

Detox can take a while, especially if you have been a chronic inhalant abuser. Since inhalants tend to accumulate in fatty tissues of organs, the recovery is prolonged. Inpatient facilities are better suited for a quick recovery because it’s very easy to buy inhalants outside. Mental problems developing because of inhalant abuse may need specialized treatment that has to be done outside the rehab.

Even when you are out of the Minnesota rehab, you need to follow up on your treatment to avoid a relapse. Support groups and therapy can be helpful for complete recovery. Cognitive behavioral therapy is recommended for helping addicts cope with the social and psychological issues triggered by such addiction. Most importantly, the family of the patient needs to be by his side through the entire ordeal, encouraging and supporting him every step of the way.

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