Arturo Moreno Terminal List: Separating Fact from Fiction

As the excitement around the series grows, so too do questions over whether or not Arturo Moreno Terminal List really is part of it.

Unsurprisingly, there’s been no official confirmation. Ambrsoft alleges that he made a cameo appearance in the series but without any real indication of when or how. Since then, viewers have done some digging and the verdict is still out. One thing we can tell you for sure though is that Arturo Moreno’s name didn’t appear on any of the cast and crew credits for Terminal List, which aired on July 1st this year with eight one-hour episodes. So despite what you may have heard, it looks like we don’t know for certain if Arturo Moreno is featured in this much anticipated series after all.

Who Is Arturo Moreno and What Has He Worked On?

Arturo Moreno is an actor who has worked on a number of films and television series. He is best known for his roles in The Terminal List, 9-1-1, Midnight, and Texas. Arturo Moreno has been very active in the industry and continues to be highly sought after for his roles due to his charismatic presence and ability to bring characters to life.

Notable television series he has contributed to include 9-1-1, a long-running action drama series on Fox; Midnight, a horror anthology series on Netflix; and Texas, a heartwarming drama about three generations of women living in rural Texas.

More recently, Arturo Moreno Terminal List name has been thrust into the spotlight due to rumors that he was part of the upcoming Amazon Prime Video series The Terminal List. However, it appears that he is not actually part of the cast or crew as his name does not appear on the list of actors or crew members for the series. Regardless of whether he is involved or not, The Terminal List is sure to be an incredible show when it releases its eight episodes on July 1st 2022!

What We Know About the Arturo Moreno Terminal List Series

You may have heard that Arturo Moreno Terminal List series, but what do we actually know about the show?

Release Date

The first episode of the series was released on July 1, 2022, so you can expect the next seven episodes to air soon.

Cast and Crew

Although we couldn’t find Arturo Moreno credited as a cast or crew member of The Terminal List series, that doesn’t mean he isn’t involved in some way. With a show this big and an actor as popular as Arturo Moreno, it could be that he’s been offered an uncredited bit part or he’s connected to the project in some other fashion.


Arturo Moreno Terminal List series follows an ex-Navy SEAL named James Reece who returns home after learning that his entire platoon has died in what appears to be a suspicious military attack. In order to get revenge for his team’s deaths, Reece goes on a mission of vengeance. The storyline follows Reece as he attempts to uncover the truth about his team’s death and bring justice for his fallen comrades.

If there’s one thing we know for certain about The Terminal List series, it’s that it’s sure to be filled with nail-biting suspense and intense action scenes!

Arturo Moreno’s Social Media Presence

You may not know this, but Arturo Moreno appears to have some sort of presence on social media. His Twitter account has been active in the past. It is unclear what his intentions are or if he is truly associated with the Terminal List series.

Social Media Posts

Some of his tweets seem to suggest that he’s a part of the cast or crew for the Arturo Moreno Terminal List series. He also has several Instagram posts that appear to be linked to the series, as well as a few YouTube videos dedicated to it. Unfortunately, though, we cannot find any mention of Arturo Moreno in the official cast or crew list of the Terminal List series.

IMDB Presence

Arturo Moreno appears to be popularly known for his work in The Terminal List, 9-1-1, Midnight, and Texas. Allusions and references to him have been seen in various articles and reviews about these shows, which could explain why so many viewers believe he is part of The Terminal List series despite there being no hard evidence to support it.

So while it looks like Arturo Moreno may be associated with the Arturo Moreno Terminal List series in some way – it’s still hard to tell exactly how real this connection is!

What Does the Official Cast and Crew of the Arturo Moreno Terminal List Say?

You may be wondering if Arturo Moreno is really a part of the Terminal List series or not. Well, according to the official cast and crew list, it appears that he is not.

The cast and crew list for the series is available on IMDB and Ambrsoft. It includes names of actors, directors, producers, writers, and more. However, it does not list Arturo Moreno in any of these categories.

In addition to this, the first episode of Terminal List was released on July 1st 2022. The series has a total of eight episodes and Arturo Moreno’s name does not appear in any of them. This makes it unlikely that he had any involvement with the series whatsoever.

Drawing Conclusions From Available Resources

So, is Arturo Moreno a part of the Terminal List series or not? It’s hard to say for certain. IMDB does list Arturo’s name in relation to the show, but even that might not be definitive. After all, IMDB can only work with the information available—which may or may not be reliable.

Ultimately, the best way to know whether Arturo Moreno is a cast/crew member of Arturo Moreno Terminal List is to look at the official resources like casting calls, casting databases, and on-set photographs. By collecting these clues and analyzing them together, we can come to a solid conclusion about whether he is involved in the show.

We’ll have to wait until July 1—when the show officially airs—to know for sure! Until then, we may have to simply speculate on Arturo’s role!

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