Alabama car accident laws: Don’t miss these details

Suffering unprecedented losses and injuries in a car crash can be traumatizing. Mishaps do happen, but when someone is liable for an auto accident in Alabama, they are also accountable for the eventual losses suffered by others. If you believe that the other party could have avoided the crash but was negligent, you need to talk to an attorney. Many law firms in the state offer free case assessments for prospective clients, and you can click here to find more details. In this post, we are discussing the car accident laws in Alabama.

Contributory negligence

Alabama is one of the few states that follows the contributory negligence rule. In other states, which follow the comparative negligence rule, you can get compensated for the damages even if you are partly liable for the accident. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case in this state. If you are found to be negligent and responsible for the crash, you cannot recover anything at all. However, don’t let that dishearten you. Lawyers often have ways to protect the interests of car accident victims, and at the least, you should talk to one.

The statute of limitations

As in all states, Alabama also has a statute of limitations. This statute determines the time you have to file a lawsuit against the party responsible for the accident. The deadline in the state is two years, which is applicable to most personal injury lawsuits. In other words, if you decide to sue the at-fault driver, you must take the necessary steps within that time. Please note that the statute of limitations is not meant for insurance claims. You are required to inform the insurance company and file the claim within a short time.

Meeting a lawyer

Law firms that deal with car accident cases are open to working on a contingency fee, which is payable when you win. If you decide to hire an attorney to file the claim, they will only demand their share of compensation after you recover money, which could happen through insurance too. Seeking legal help is always a good idea because there are many elements to such cases, and lawyers can brief you about the expected outcome and settlement. You can also rely on them to take care of paperwork and the insurance claims process.

The sooner you see a car accident lawyer, the more time you will have to decide the best course of action to recover compensation.

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