A Flashback on the lives of Emerald Robinson

Emerald Robinson works in Washington as a political correspondent. She covers all events of the White House for Newsmax and joined Newsmax in 2020. She performed her services as a Chief of the White House in 2018. Emerald Robinson is more talented and performs her services as a News Anchor, Journalist, host, Actress, and writer. Emerald conducted interviews with many politicians and infamous persons like US President Donald Trump and diplomat Mike Pompeo.  She is a supporter of Donald Trump and in many of her interviews and tweet; she talked in favor of Donald Trump and his policies.  Currently, she was on news because of her conversation with Jen Psaki.

Emerald Robinson’s Biography

Emerald Robinson was born in Virginia in 1982 and her real name is Emerald Candida Dawn Robinson. Emerald’s father’s name was Robert Hughes Robinson and her mother’s name was Reba Karen Robinson and she was a housewife. Emerald has one brother Jekeyma Obediah Robinson.  She celebrates her birthday on 1st February and now she is 40 years old. Her zodiac sign is Aquariusand spends her childhood in Appalachia a coal miner.  Her qualification is to Graduate in Mass Communications after that focus on Broadcast.

Physical Appearance of Emerald Robinson

Emerald Robinson is a 30 years old young woman and looks so pretty because of her fitness. Her tallness is 5 feet 5 inches and Emerald Robinson’s eye color is blue and has golden brown hair.

Emerald Robinson’s Qualification

EmeraldRobinsongot her early and high school education from Honaker High School in which she was involved in different activities like Beta club, theatre, and Future business leaders of America. After completing her high schooling, EmeraldRobinsonjoined the University of Virginia and got a Graduate degree in Mass Communication and also served her services for Omicron Delta Kappa (a leadership society in America).

Emerald Robinson’s Career

Emerald Robinson started her first job as a Journalist and in the starting, she worked as a host. She targeted the cultural, political, and economic issues of the country.  Emerald Robinson made a documentary entitled improbably success. In this documentary, she and Richard W. Rahn visited Switzerland, Chile, and Estonia. This documentary is based on three parts.   During this visit, she learned about how to reduce poverty and the success of economies. She joined One America News Network in 2017. She has supervised media relations for the Institute for Global Economic Growth. She covered live reporting during travel to Europe and Asia. She gave her services as an author, reporter, and on-camera host for Knowler Media.

Emerald Robinson’s Actress/ Reporter/Writer/On-Camera Host

Emerald Robinson started her occupation as a television actress and host at SAG- AFTRA and some of her famous movies and series are Improbable Success, On Science, The Sandra West Diaries, The Adventures of Super seven (2011), and in movies Hit Team (2015), Miracles from Heaven (2015), Me You and Five Bucks, etc.  She started hosting and acting from June 2003 to till august 2012and in this time duration Emerald performed many Camera activities conduct different shows, and makimadems and web series. She is more talented having strong interview skills, quick thinking, and writing ability is so strong.

Emerald Robinson as an Executive Producer

Emerald Robinson can manage broadcast and non-broadcast production and organize the content of entertainment, education, business management, economic and political issues, news media, and digital media. She has the remarkable talent to project goals and write very expressive content that attracts a huge audience. Emerald Robinsons engaged creatively with producers, writers, and photographers through the content writer. She managed shooting and production routines and managed recordings supervised the recordings, control production staff, sound, editors, talent, and camera crews. Emerald Robinson tries to impose the new development in journalism and improve the communication of informative program that is according to public demand and gain high appreciation from the public.

Emerald Robinson’s Net worth

From her journalist career emerald has increased her net worth by almost $1.5 million. She also earned through TV shows and movies besides this Emerald earned through writing, acting, and hosting from $100k to $200k. She charges a per hour salary of about $10k to $30k and is very famous on social media. Emerald Robinson has 56.8k followers on Instagram and 2.4k subscribers on YouTube.

Controversy in Emerald’s life

Emerald Robinson left OAN in January 2020 to connect to Newsmax Media and worked in the network since January 2020. Newsmax organization took Emerald Robinson off the air after an argument over the COVID-19 Vaccine. In her tweet, Emerald claimed that Covid -19 vaccine consists of a bioluminescent marker known as LUCIFERASE which is a danger for Christians.  But Newsmax organization did not fire her meanwhile Emerald performed other duties in Newsmax except on-air transmission. In this situation, Newsmax started reporting and promoting that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and secure.   Newsmax teams don’t believe that vaccines contained any toxic material that is harmful to us. Such type of false news is not reported on Maxnews and after that Maxnews promoted COVID-19 VACCINE and aware the public by interviewing different doctors.

Emerald Robinson on Social media

Emerald Robinson displays her presence on different social media sites. She has about 74.6k followers on Instagram and her Instagram username is @emeraldrobinson and 434.6k followers on Twitter and her Twitter username is @EmeraldRobinson. Robinson is also on YouTube with the name Emerald Robinson with 3.52k subscribers.

Emerald Robinson’s Family

Emerald Robinson lives with her husband and kids in DC Suburbs. Her husband’s name is Garrick Davis and as a professional is a poet and literacy critic in Washington, DC. He works as a poetry editor. Emerald Robinsons has a son named Asher Davis and a newborn daughter and also celebrate their wedding Anniversary on 3rd September.  Emerald told that she never dated Garrick Davis and got arranged marriage.

Emerald Robinson’s hobbies

Emerald Robinson is keen interested in journalism and media but in her teenage, she was interested in sports and promoting support activities. She played Volleyball and was also selected as the captain of the volleyball team.


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