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99 Math as a teacher for students

Detail about 99math?

99math is a social test-based application for 1st-8th ranking teachers for accelerating results and save time. The setup time of this app is one minute for teachers and students. Students can join this game on any device which has a browser. It is very useful for kids to improve their math skills and learn more. There is no account needed for students to run this game. And teacher gets powerful results that help teachers to check the progress, skills, and weakness of each student.

As a teacher, How to play the game?

The first thing when opening this app you see the dashboard of this app once you sign in and then you start generating games from this. When we have to come back from this game, we have two options, first is that we click the logo of the product and 2nd is that we click on the “begin the game” menu article in the navigation bar of your PC.


Teachers playing with your students:

  1. To play a game you should first select a topic that you need to play. Every topic is developed and tested by math teachers.
  2. Every topic has more choices to relate the topic correctly to your students’ requirements or your prospectus
  3. 3. When you complete your adoptions for the topic, we display accurately which questions the students will get on their devices. To create a new task, you can select the option of “Show more”. All tasks are spontaneously created for you. Hence, there is no need to waste your time in preparing new materials
  4. When you agree with the topic then click on the “Choose game mode” button at the lowest of the sheet to continue.
  5. 5. To engage your students, we have two game modes:


  • Online game: In this game mode, we can play together in a classroom or via video call.
  • Homework: In this game mode, teachers should send test assignments to their students, teachers should use this mode to train their students in their homes. Then take their work on live games. The teacher has the authority to manage the time for students, in this way, the teacher manages the time for students to play.
  1. By selecting the game mode, you are prepared to join your students in the game by sending them a game code or invitation link or sharing your screen with them to show game guidelines and instructions.
  2. When students join this game, then they play with fun because they enjoy the game by learning math skills and they are very excited to play. In the end, students will ask you to play the game again.
  3. At the end of three rounds of this game, you will get powerful results from the game report.
  4. Now you are prepared to run and play the game regularly.


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