6 Tips That Help You Know Which Dog Breed Is Right for You

There are pure breed, crossbreeds, and designer breeds, and the varieties seem endless. People in puppy hunting mode generally begin with the question – Which dog breed suits me and my household?

Know that there is no one right answer to this query; the dog breed choice mostly depends on many factors that revolve around personal circumstances, family preferences, time, and commitment one can invest in caring for a furry baby.

Also, consider your ability to afford quality medical care during distressing health scenarios and medical emergencies. You might request and compare a pet insurance quote from several pet insurers online, but do you have the budget to purchase basic pet insurance in NZ?

Before setting your heart on a precious puppy, this is one vital question you must contemplate. Read on to learn other critical questions you must ask yourself before adopting a canine fur baby so it gets to live a well-deserved life in your nest.

  1. How small/big is your living area? Do you live in an apartment or stand-alone home surrounded by a garden and backyard? Generally, the larger space you have, the more you can consider adopting larger breeds if the economics and your daily routine allow you to. People living in compact homes or areas can opt for smaller puppy breeds because they require less maintenance. So, choose between active or docile pets.
  2. What is your relationship status? Do you live with your family or friends? Will there be anybody at home under whose custody you can safely leave your pet? Consider your lifestyle and select a puppy that best fits your household. For instance, Retrievers love being around families, and Shih Tzus like being left alone. Learn how much human companionship a particular dog breed requires before deciding.
  3. Are you lazy, active, or adventurous? Suppose you are into outdoor activities and love traveling; consider choosing a pup who most likely shares the same interests. Remember that active dogs find it frustrating living with lethargic owners, and laid-back pets can grumble when interactions are forced by physically active owners. Decide after considering the amount of physical and mental stimulation a puppy needs and check if it suits your energy levels too.
  4. Are you single, married, or have kids? Some puppies mingle with children of all ages. On the flip side, small pets are susceptible to being hurt by toddlers or kids who might not understand the sensitivities of a fragile puppy or a tiny puppy belonging to toy breeds. Some dogs like engaging with everyone in the house, others with only their favorite human at home. So, check the dog breed’s temperament before considering adoption.
  5. Some puppies are adorable, affectionate, and cuddly babies, while others can be a little standoffish. Do you want a puppy that wiggles onto your lap as soon as it sees you or one that enjoys being with you for some time and spends the remaining time in solitude?
  6. Consider the ease of training a specific dog. It is easy to teach tricks and tasks and discipline a few dog breeds; others require much time, effort, and conditioning to pick up the commands. Are you willing to put that much effort into coaching your dog?

Things can get all the more complicated if it is a multi-pet household. You can not predict all scenarios when too many fur babies share the same space; silly fights, accidents, injuries, and other medical emergencies can be inevitable. Consider requesting and comparing a pet insurance quote from popular pet insurers; most offer discounts on purchasing policies for multiple pets. Contemplate buying pet insurance NZ because with many pets inside the house the risks will only multiply many fold.

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