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6 Reasons to Buy Health Insurance in 2022

The main objective of a health insurance policy is to provide financial protection in a medical emergency caused by sickness, accidents, or hospitalization. It offers long-term advantages that make purchasing health insurance a solid priority in your annual financial strategy.

There are several types of health insurance policies available on the market. If you are new to health insurance, it might be challenging to pick just one plan. Choosing the right coverage for yourself in this circumstance might be difficult.

Keep in mind that health insurance policies are classified into five classes:

  • Individual health insurance
  • Family floater plans
  • Group health insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Senior citizen plans

This post will explain why getting individual health insurance is an intelligent option. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Pre- and Post-Hospitalization Costs

When a person goes to a hospital for treatment, they undergo a series of doctor visits and diagnostic tests before and after therapy. Specific health insurances reimburses these costs.

For example, health insurance policies pay for hospitalization charges and account for expenses made 15 to 60 days before treatment. They also pay for follow-up appointments, medications, and diagnostic testing after being discharged from the hospital. Some health insurance policies cover such fees for 30 to 90 days after the hospital discharges the patient.

2. Health Tests

Health insurance policies primarily aim to alleviate financial hardship in a medical emergency. However, insurers also want healthy individuals in their portfolio.

Most health insurance plans provide yearly preventative health check-ups to ensure an individual is aware of their health. This allows a person to learn about their health vitals and take remedial actions to modify their lifestyle. In the long run, this may assist insurance firms in reducing their claims outlay.

3. No Claim Bonus

Health insurance covers the medical expenditures of those seeking hospitalization due to illness or an accident. It also compensates those who do not need to use health insurance benefits and do not file a claim during the policy period. Such individuals are rewarded by having their insurance cover sum insured increased without paying any additional payment.Up to 100% of the policy’s original sum insured can be earned as a “No Claim Bonus.” This feature lets a person double their coverage for no extra cost. This is helpful for older people when certain illnesses are more likely to happen. These include cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and problems with the heart.

4. Income Tax Break

Individuals who pay the insurance premium for health insurance receive an immediate financial advantage through income tax rebates on premiums paid.

The deduction provided in an individual’s annual income tax reduces the effective cost of health insurance coverage. This provides a built-in double advantage of financial security and tax savings.

5. No Age Limit

Health insurance is now accessible at all phases of life. To limit insurance costs while providing enough protection for medical emergencies, a person can combine the standard hospitalization cover with a top-up health insurance cover.

When a person is young, and there are tax-saving products with a low hospitalization cover, they can get protection and tax breaks.

When a person starts a family, they can buy a family floater policy and look for policies with maternity benefits, preferably with a waiting period. One can look at covers that pay for outpatient department (OPD) and children’s vaccination consultation costs.

When you’re in your mid-age, you can consider increasing your insured amount if you have a reasonably high cover. This is because lifestyle habits and getting older can make you sick.

Due to limits on entry age and pre-existing disease, receiving adequate and fair coverage at a post-retirement age is difficult. Getting health insurance as early as possible would be best to plan their retirement better. After retirement, medical costs are one of the few big-ticket items in a person’s monthly expenses.

6. Broad Access with Low Use Fees

Even though insurance aims to protect against disasters, most people in the United States use their health insurance more like a club membership than they would with car insurance. In exchange for an annual fee, beneficiaries can get services like regular doctor visits for free or at a low cost out of pocket. Most of these services are predictable, like well-child visits for people with kids or refills for people who take medicines to lower their cholesterol.

Club membership policies are usually made to fit the needs of the people who use them. When people with Medicare sign up for Part D prescription drug coverage, for example, they enter the drugs they are already taking to find the plan that best helps pay for those drugs.


Given the benefits of health insurance, it should be a component of everyone’s financial portfolio. Several forms of health insurance are available, and you must select the one that best meets your requirements.

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