6 Best Outdoors Subscription Box In 2022 

Outdoor enthusiasts have cause to be glad because camping becomes a worthwhile experience when they discover new products on the market that will make adventure pleasurable and practical. 

Outdoor subscription boxes are boxes filled with selected items for outdoor purposes. It could be for camping, hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, etc., 

The boxes are delivered either monthly or quarterly, depending on the subscription. The selected items vary from company to company and are also determined by the purpose of the adventure. 

Check out the new releases of the subscription boxes trending in 2022. This article reviews the many outdoor subscription boxes on the market and offers the best options. 

  1. 1. BattlBox

One thing that keeps adventurers interested in making adventures into the wilds is the motivation from subscription boxes.  A good subscription box that offers the best products will always excite a repeat exercise. 

First up on the list of subscription boxes is Battlbox. It is the best outdoors subscription box. This subscription box is undoubtedly ahead of others because its boxes are handy and contain all the essentials for any adventure. 

Battlbox is synonymous with tactical and survival gear. It’s one of the world’s leading subscription boxes. Carefully curated by professionals, it caters to all emergency needs when out in the cold. 

No matter what level of outdoor experience, BattlBox meets the need. Whether a beginner wants to have a feel of what goes around, or a regular hiker, the basic package is an excellent option. It contains the basic items covering survival tools, manuals, emergency, supplies, etc. 

The advanced package is for the gear junkies. Aside from the basic contents, it has camping equipment, hiking essentials, bushcraft, EDC gear, and lots more. 

And for the pros and outdoor enthusiasts ready to spend the cash for their adventures, the pro and pro plus packages will make the difference. Interesting items, such as backpacks, and tents, are some additional essentials in this package. 

  1. 2. Crate Club

Crate club is the answer when considering the best tactical and survival gear for outdoor adventure. It is described as one of the most useful subscription boxes which tells much about the stuff it’s made of. 

Crate Club is for those who want to rely on field-tested gear to survive in the wilds. Carefully handpicked by professionals, there is a guarantee of top-quality, high-end tactical essential tools. 

This box stands out among equals because it not only delivers high-value items, there are no filler junks in its box. Customers always get much more than the value of their money. 

Brand names such as Gerber, Bushnell, Magpul, CRKT, and Sig Sauer, to mention just a few, are some of the products from Crate Club. 

Crate Club offers subscribers exciting packages, including Lieutenant, Captain, and General, with each unique content.  

Those new in the tactical environment can start with the Lieutenant, while Captain and General packages belong to the professionals and experienced adventurers. 

  1. 3. Cairn

Talk about the original outdoor subscription box, and Cairn readily comes to mind. It’s the first box on the market for lovers of adventures. Fans around the world are happy to receive this product because their expectations will never be disappointed. 

Cairn primarily targets camping and hiking enthusiasts, offering a high-end subscription to its proud users.  

Offering full-sized products, the Cairn has no sample products in its pack. There is real value for money because every item is an essential tool to guarantee maximum satisfaction.  

Their expert curators, who are also experienced outdoor enthusiasts, ensure that you get outdoor inspiration delivered every month.  

  1. 4. Nomadik

Nomadik is one of the household names among outdoor adventurers. The list won’t be complete without mentioning Nomadik. It’s a premier subscription box for outdoor lovers. 

Nomadik takes advantage of its seasoned expert curators to offer high-quality products at a very reasonable price. Their highly experienced professionals ensure that customers receive world-class products every month. 

Essential outdoor kits such as knives, water purifiers, headlamps, multitool carabiners, and many more are some of the items inside the box.  

  1. 5. Wild Woman Box

Many boxes are curated for specific outdoor purposes, and none cares for the woman like the wild woman’s box. Every woman wants a sense of belonging. They want to express themselves in many unique ways. 

One such way to express oneself is by taking into the wilds. The freedom to feel what you are comes with a lot of excitement.  

With the wild woman box, adventurers receive products that take care of the busy and active body of the woman. Every gear in the box is selected to empower and inspire the woman. 

  1. 6. Mystery Lures and Tackle Box

Fun-seeking, fishing adventurers will always love Mystery Lures and Tackle Box. Whether they are beginners or addictive anglers, Mystery Lures is a great gift. 

Users of this product report that they’ve won the best prizes in fishing tournaments. Customers say it’s highly beneficial as a Christmas Day gift, Father’s Day gift, or Valentine’s Day gift because it is suitable and highly appreciated. 

Each warrior pack contains a high-quality fishing lure offering great kits to take care of the everchanging fishing experience. Its products include crankbaits, spinnerbaits, soft plastics, skirted jigs, topwater lures, and other essentials.  


The element of surprise is a common feature whenever subscribers receive a subscription from. Wisely hand-picked by experts, subscription boxes ensure that customers get the best products and a great price. Choose from the latest range to get the best value products.

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