Throne And Liberty’s Weapon & Mastery Progression Explained

In this guide, I will cover Throne and Liberty’s weapon types and mastery system. If you can master this knowledge, it will be a piece of cake for you to easily get some important Throne and Liberty Items in the game.


Throughout the year, the MMO community has seen a multitude of games come and go. Some were incredible, others were abyssal and some even now continue to be controversial.

But, there’s one thing most of these publications across the decades had in common – character classes.

Creating your own unique hero in class has been a staple and common theme across a plethora of different MMO releases. That is, of course, until the debut of New World back in 2021, where Amazon introduced a brand new style of MMO, where instead of players choosing a class, they instead selected a weapon to specialize in.

Each of these weapon types offers different abilities and mastery or talent points, all of which were playstyle defining choices. NCSOFT has adapted a similar concept for Throne and Liberty.

Classes VS Weapon Types

Although I am a firm believer that classes create a stronger player character bond when it comes to these fantasy adventures, we also have to look at the potential upsides this weapon system offers.

For example, in other games, when a player decides they would like the option to try another class, they have to start entirely over, making the process of playing other classes at least at the level of your current one extremely difficult.

There are some games out there that make the choice of playing other classes easier with things, such as Express Passes and Character Leveling Boosts. But nonetheless, it is still a very difficult thing to achieve.

Throne and Liberty gameplay allows players to try different play styles by simply changing to their weapon of choice although you will be at a significant disadvantage given that this new weapon you have chosen probably lacks the upgraded abilities and mastery progression your previously equipped one had.

It is still a viable option to continue playing the game by your current progression level instead of having to make a brand new character.

Available Weapons

These are the weapons that are currently available in Throne and Liberty: Greatswords, Longbows, Sword & Shield, Staves, Wand & Tome, Daggers and Crossbows. And you can buy Throne and Liberty Lucent to get any weapon you want.

There was a leaked spreadsheet that was datamined during the last NA technical test, which featured abilities for a spear weapon type, such as Spear Thrower and Spear Block. Although this has not yet been confirmed, it is not too farfetched to imagine NCSOFT adding future weapon types to the game. This is similar to New World when they introduce Greatswords or other MMOs adding new classes periodically.

Adding new weapons attributes a lot of value to the game, in my opinion. Because it not only expands upon the current available options but opens up the possibility of different weapon combinations and attracts new players to the game that could be galvanized by these newly added weapons and their play styles.

Different Than ‘New World’

I’d like to mention that although I’ve pointed to New World for several examples when describing Throne and Liberty’s weapon system, it is of utmost importance to understand that these two weapon systems are not the same.

In New World, for example, you are forced to swap between weapons, given that each weapon only allows three abilities to be slotted at any given time.

In Throne and Liberty, you have more than twice that amount, essentially allowing you to fundamentally play the game with the primary weapon of your choosing and making weapon swapping a circumstantial occurrence.

It’s going to be interesting to see the type of weapon combinations players will be experimenting with come the release of this game and what type of play styles and roles these combinations will fulfill.

Mastery Traits

Now that we understand weapons and how they work, let’s discuss their mastery system.

In addition to each weapon providing you with a different toolkit of ability, they also offer a mastery progression system. This trait system allows players to further customize the capabilities of the weapon they have chosen.

Let’s take a look at longbows, for example. Although this particular weapon type has abilities that certainly pack a punch, like Decisive Sniping or Brutal Arrow, it also offers extremely powerful support abilities for your party, like Nature’s Blessing, an ability that increases the HP and MP regeneration of your party over time.

The Mastery system of each weapon is divided into three branches the player can choose to specialize further into. This process requires significant support from Throne and Liberty Lucent for sale.

In the case of Archers, their mastery selection breaks down to Sniping, Check and Support.

Sniping offers exactly what you would expect from a range damage dealer. It has choices, such as Ranged Critical Hit, Damage, as well as Attack Speed.

Check, on the other hand, offers a more balanced style of play. Some of the traits are Range on attacks, Mana Regen and Efficiency as well as Cooldown Reduction.

The last one is Support, which orbits more of a high utility style of gameplay. Some of the traits available to this mastery branch are Magic Defense and Evasion, Maximum HP Increase, and Buff Duration for abilities, like Nature’s Blessing.

Having this system in place allows for greater player urgency and customization options, meaning that it is possible to have players using the same weapon types contribute completely different things.


These mastery traits vary from weapon to weapon and I cannot wait to see what type of weapon mastery combinations players are going to come up with. 


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