Shania Twain: Evolution to Music Industry


Shania Twain is a famous singer in Canada. The original name of Shania was Eilleen Regina Edwards. She was born on August 28, 1965. Windsor, Canada. She is a Canadian singer.  When she was young her parents divorced. The mother of Shania Sharon remarried to a man named Jerry Twain. Her stepfather was a member of the Ojibwa tribe. Jerry accepted Sharon’s three daughters. After this, the 4-year-old Eilleen became Eilleen Twain.

Twain grew up in the small town of Timmins which is located in Ontario. At these places, family of Twain often struggled to make ends meet. At school, Shania sometimes had nothing more than a bread spread with mayonnaise or mustard for lunch. Jerry also had a violent streak, and Twain and her relatives observed him attack Sharon more than one time.

Early life of Shania

It was clear that music was a bright spot in Twain’s childhood and early life. Shania Twain was singing, and playing the guitar at the age of 8, and keeping her songs at 10 her early age. Sharon incorporated her daughter’s talent making sacrifices the family could ill pay for to get Twain to lessons and shows. Her mother helped her to grow up singing in clubs and at community events, with occasional projects in television and radio. She continued to sing in clubs, and she was fascinated by the attention of producer Norro Wilson. This producer took her to Nashville, Tennessee. To record her first album. She changed her name to Shania, this name means “I am on my way”. After several years spent earning money by singing at a local resort, she went to Nashville. She directly signed with Mercury Records and released her self-titled debut album.

The musical career of Shania

Her new label may have liked Twain’s music, but she did not care for Eilleen Twain’s name. Twain wanted to keep her last name to integrity her adoptive father, so she opted to change her first name instead, to Shania, an Ojibwe word that means “I’m on my way.

In the same year, she married South African music producer Robert “Mutt” Lange, who was known for his work with heavy metal bands.

Albums of Shania

Lange helped Twain in the release of the song “The Woman in Me” in 1995. This song became very famous and fruitful and sold 12 million copies. This song became the bestselling country album by a female artist in history. The album produced hit songs like; “Any Man of Mine,” and “I’m Outta Here!”. Shania earned a Grammy Award for Best Country Album.

In 1997, Shania released her third album named Come on Over. This album contained eight hit singles which include; “You’re Still the One,” “Love Gets Me Everytime,” “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” “Honey, I’m Home,” “From this Moment On,” and “You’ve Got a Way.” This album is Certified by the Recording Institute Association of America (RIAA) for sales of 17 million copies. This is another album that holds the notable distinction of being the bestselling album in the country.

She released her fourth album in 1999 On the Way. She also re-recorded the single “You’ve Got a Way” for the motion picture soundtrack. In 2002, Shania released the album “Up!” Shania released a Greatest Hits album in 2004. She released “Send It with Love” and “Beginnings.” In 2005.

Marriage and personal life of Shania

The personal life of Shania took off alongside her career. The pair finally met in person in June 1993. After Six months they were married.

They were very hopeful to find themselves greater privacy Shania and Lange moved to a luxurious Swiss estate. In 2001 when they were living in Switzerland, Twain gave birth to a son. Then decide the name of their son Eja D’Angelo Lange. Twain also crashes up her friendship with Marie-Anne, who was operated as an assistant for the couple.

Divorce of Shania

In 2008, Twain and Lange parted. Because Twain was shocked to have exposed that her husband was having an affair with Thiébaud. Twain and Lange’s divorce was confirmed two years later. The separation and divorce were extremely difficult for Shania. Not only had her marriage ended, but she had lost someone who had helped guide her career. Shania began facing dysphonia, which is the tightening of the vocal muscles that made it difficult for her to sing.

However, there was one person who could understand was Marie-Anne’s ex-husband. Twain and Frederic grew closer, and they wed on New Year’s Day in 2011. In the ensuing years, Twain largely avoided the public eye, though her 2010 divorce from Lange was tabloid fodder. Her hiatus ended in 2011, She also printed her biography From This Moment On. In the same year, she was initiated into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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