What is a Mobile CMMS & Its Benefits?

Looking back to the last couple of decades, we see how rapidly computer technology has advanced. Our devices have evolved from simple communication tools into indisposable resources in our daily lives. The current computing power of our home and office computers, tablets, smartphones, and even watches and televisions would have been inconceivable in the past. Who would have predicted the possibility of working, managing businesses, or interacting with people in real time with devices at our fingertips?

In this digital age, where we spend at least four hours of our daily lives using the internet and computer applications, we all recognize the power of digitization. Not only in our personal lives but also in the major areas of our work or business. Companies, large and small, start-up or established, are now utilizing computer software that helps them manage their:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Manufacturing Operations and Inventory
  • Sales and Logistics
  • Project Management and Communication
  • Customer Relationships
  • Marketing, Website, and Social Media

And new software products are being launched all the time! The software packages for the areas above are only the most popular in the market and are developed for general business purposes. Other software products are more specific to industries including manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, real estate, etc.

This article introduces and discusses a business software called CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management System. Here, you’ll learn all about CMMS systems and the benefits they can provide to your business processes.

What are Mobile CMMS Systems?

CMMS is an essential industrial maintenance management software with a broad range of applications. Industries that can benefit from a CMMS include manufacturing, transportation, construction, oil and gas, healthcare, communication, etc. Any business where asset reliability is critical can use CMMS systems to plan, organize, execute, and improve its maintenance processes.

Recognizing that mobility, speed, and accuracy are crucial in maintenance, CMMS developers harnessed current computer and mobile device technologies. Using these technologies, CMMS uses thousands of data points to provide users with instant and on-demand summaries of maintenance operations and status on any piece of equipment. Thus, CMMS software is a mobile device-enabled maintenance system that uses secure cloud-based storage and paperless functions.

Having more capability than paper or spreadsheets, CMMS enables businesses to maintain work orders, gather and produce accurate data, and help identify assets needing preventive maintenance or repairs. CMMS can store data such as:

  • Equipment Maintenance History
  • Maintenance Requirements of Each Asset
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Inspection Times and Routes
  • Technician Availability
  • Equipment Locations
  • Production Downtime

CMMS systems can easily evaluate operational data to improve preventive maintenance programs, thus increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Also, CMMS software is generally customizable for any industry and service sector, encouraging many organizations to choose CMMS over conventional maintenance management methods.

Benefits of Using Mobile CMMS Software

The many capabilities of CMMS systems can provide a business with the following benefits:

Minimal Downtime

CMMS minimizes downtime in production-intensive assets such as those found in manufacturing facilities, oil rigs, and power plants. These assets need quick remedy in times of failure. Swift communication is necessary to rapidly and efficiently restore these assets into operation.

With mobile CMMS, alerting technicians is instant, and no time is wasted waiting for them to report to the central office and consult their work order. Furthermore, using CMMS decreases downtime by having ready information on maintenance requirements such as components, tools, materials, etc.

Lastly, CMMS also reduces downtime through its ability to keep real-time and updated records of maintenance work. This way, facility managers can make immediate changes and send time-sensitive information effectively, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

Mobility and Portability

Nowadays, employees are no longer fixed office workers. Most technicians, facility managers, and other maintenance personnel maintain flexible schedules for working in and out of their offices. The flexible and unrestricted workplace of today’s modern businesses can benefit from CMMS.

A mobile CMMS allows maintenance work to proceed even with the varying schedules of managers and technicians. CMMS allows employees access to maintenance data even when working from home, traveling, or in the field. So you can be in any location and still be able to generate work orders, approve supply requests, and monitor pending or finished maintenance work.

CMMS systems are also not limited to one type of device. As long as it has the required operating system, any computer device can access CMMS and its database. Hence, you can access CMMS easily on any desktop PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc., and use the software whenever necessary.

Barcode or NFC Tag Scanning Abilities

CMMS with barcode or NFC (near field communication) tag scanning abilities helps create efficient and effective forms of identification for machines, equipment, tools, spare parts, lubricants, and other assets. A barcode or NFC-based system means easy access to critical data related to an asset. Scanning a barcode or NFC tag can provide the machine name, serial number, instruction manual, maintenance history, pending work order, etc. Also, in facilities with several of the same types of equipment, this prevents technicians from performing a repair on the wrong machine, as scanning the code confirms they are at the right machine for their work order. Furthermore, tracking the status and health of assets is easier with this system.

Creating a database of equipment information is a task that can be time-consuming, prone to error, and challenging to organize and store safely. With a computerized and cloud-based database, asset information is secure, accurate, easily updated, and most importantly, only a scan away.

High-Quality Images and Videos

When it comes to maintenance, documentation is critical, and capturing information through images or videos is a necessary documentation type. CMMS systems can utilize the high-quality cameras of smartphones to capture maintenance-related incidents, machine parts, or facility areas.

Because CMMS and the camera are integrated into one device, capturing and storing these images and videos is quick and easy. And, keeping these files in a secure yet accessible CMMS database makes them easy to reference or share with colleagues or supervisors.

Paperless Maintenance Operations

Because CMMS relies on digital data, it is easier to process and execute maintenance work. Paperless also means fewer errors and less prone to personnel laziness when completing forms. Recording and filing paperless records also take less time, providing more time for managers and technicians to focus on more critical maintenance operations.

Partnering With Redlist

Redlist offers not only a CMMS but also Lubrication Management Software that is specialized for businesses that rely on lubrication for optimal production. Both offerings provide the time and cost-saving benefits of mobile CMMS software listed above. In addition, you can further reduce costs on lubricants and lubrication-related maintenance. It’s time to manage your business in the digital age through CMMS. It’s time to get Redlist. Call for a free demo today!


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