How to Recover Deleted Videos from a Laptop/ PC?

Your treasured home videos deserve to be safeguarded from harm, but accidents and technical errors can still lead to their loss. Fortunately, the latest technology enables you a range of reliable options for recovery in case of such unfortunate events. Dive into this article to discover all possible methods that allow retrieval of precious moments lost on your Windows laptop or desktop PC!

How to Restore Deleted Videos from laptop?

When the inevitable occurs and you encounter a devastating video loss, the value of the back and recovery feature of the windows is made evident. Microsoft guards your data with handy solutions like ‘Previous versions’ or ‘Backup & Restore’, ensuring that they are activated on each device to offer free restoration options for deleted videos. If your videos have been lost or deleted on PC, the only solution lies in recovery software. As a final resort when facing permanent data loss from PC, corrupted drives, and formatting issues – video recovery software can provide an invaluable reprieve.

Quick Fixes to Retrieve deleted video from PC

Method 1: Get Videos from Recycle Bin

If you have not yet completed the permanent erasure of a video file, there is still hope – Recover Files Deleted From Recycle Bin. Follow these easy steps to reclaim that precious data!

  • Time to give those items that have been taking up space a second life! Ready the Recycle Bin, so materials can be repurposed and reused.
  • Uncover the video by locating it and activating your right click.
  • To restore your settings, simply click the ‘Restore’ button.
  • Your lost video is now restored to its original home – a sign of hope amid the chaos!

Method 2: With the Help of Backup

Ensure the security of your precious memories – back up your videos. With a backup drive, media or cloud-based system in place, you will be prepared for any adverse situation which may lead to loss of video files and be able to restore them with ease.

Windows provides an efficient solution for restoring lost videos with its Backup and Restore feature, available on Windows 10, 7 and Vista. This ensures that users’ data is kept secure even in the case of accidental deletion.

  • Gain access to the Control Panel for managing system preferences and settings.
  • To ensure your precious data is safe and secure, navigate to System and Maintenance in Windows 7’s menu bar. Once there, you can use the Backup & Restore feature – providing piece of mind for all your important documents.
  • Unlock your data by clicking the ‘Restore my files’ option. If this is not visible, choose to restore from a different backup!

Method 3: With the Help of  Previous versions

Did you know that Windows can serve as your own personal backup system? By enabling System Protection and taking advantage of the ‘Previous Versions’ feature, it is possible to recover videos from a laptop or PC even if they have been permanently removed. These backups provide an easy way to restore lost or damaged files in no time!

Steps to recover videos with the help of  Previous versions

  1. Take a right-click journey into the folder that holds your lost video and discover what secrets it might reveal.
  2. To bring back your content to its former glory, select ‘Restore previous versions’.
  3. Select the date when video footage was available.
  4. Take charge of your data and restore it with ease by simply clicking ‘Restore’ or dragging & dropping the folder to wherever you’d like on your PC.

Method 4: Use a Video Recovery Software

If the traditional solutions don’t provide a solution to your video recovery needs, then an online software is guaranteed to help. With numerous applications available on the web, it’s essential that you select one which guarantees safety and supports your desired video file format for optimum performance.

The latest video recovery applications provide a meticulous scanning process for all types of deleted videos from hard drives. From footage captured with advanced technology such as digital cameras and drones to everyday smartphone recordings, these programs are capable of retrieving lost files in an array of formats without fail. With the help of Stellar you can Recover Deleted Photos/ Videos from Digital Camera.

Stellar Photo Recovery is the perfect choice when looking to recover your videos quickly and with minimal effort. The DIY software offers a sophisticated scan on drives up to 5 TB, allowing you easy access to deleted photos from any device in their original condition – name, date and timestamp fully intact!

Steps to recover deleted videos on laptop/ PC:

  1. Safeguard your precious memories with Stellar Photo Recovery software! Installing the program on a separate drive ensures that important folders won’t be inadvertently overwritten.
  2. To begin, select the drive of your choice from the prominent home screen and click to proceed.
  3. Follow the scan completion, one can get a glimpse at any retrievable videos with a Preview.
  4. Unlock the power of recovery by clicking the Recover button. Make your journey to a fresh start today!
  5. To save the recovered videos, open your dialog box and click ‘Browse’. For best results, however, avoid saving them to their initial problem folder/drive/partition from whence they originated.

When computers succumb to faults like boot errors, blue screens of death and crashes resulting in lost videos, knowing what to do can be daunting. Here are a few steps you could take for rescue operations:

  1. To ensure the integrity of data from a crashed laptop, its hard drive must be detached and removed.
  2. Take advantage of the versatility and expand your storage options by connecting an additional hard drive to a working PC.
  3. To ensure no data is lost, should your external drive be detected and its contents accessible on the new computer, quickly transfer the videos and any other information thereon.
  4. If your drive is present but you are having difficulty accessing data, then download Stellar Photo Recovery on the new computer and proceed with its instructions to recover lost videos from your laptop.
  5. Professional data recovery services may be necessary if an external drive is not detected, indicating possible damage.

Wrapping Up

Microsoft Windows offers multiple protective features to help preserve your data, such as the Recycle Bin and ‘Previous Versions’ option. In more critical video loss cases however, a specialized recovery software will deliver better performance while also providing speedier results than alternative methods of retrieval – ensuring that permanently deleted videos on Windows laptops or PCs can be effectively restored with minimal effort.


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