Determining Negligence In A Truck Unsecured Load Accident

Truck accidents are one of the most disastrous accidents on the road. Be it any truck accident, the damages caused are severe, and the injured person might lose their life. And mainly if the accident has been caused due to the negligence of a third party, for instance, a truck unsecured load accident, it is essential to claim compensation. This, however, calls for the help of a Stockton truck accident attorney who will minutely speculate on the matter, look for ways to maximize the compensation, and simultaneously prepare all the necessary legal evidence for court proceedings. 

What Happens In An Unsecured Load Truck Accident?

If a truck’s load is not secured correctly, a sudden hit will loosen the entire cargo, causing it to crash on the road or with other vehicles behind the truck. This leads to unwanted hazards and serious injuries that need immediate medical attention. Sometimes it might even make the injured disabled for the rest of their life or cause death. 

Causes Of Unsecured Cargo:

The federal law contains clear indications and rules concerning stacking, balancing, securing, and loading the freight. But sometimes, these regulations need to be adequately followed by the trucking company due to recklessness or carelessness, eventually leading to catastrophic accidents. Some of the most common causes include improper loading of the cargo, which tends to loosen easily, bad road conditions, improper tie-downs, and negligence in proper maintenance, among many more. 

Who Is Responsible For An Unsecured Load Accident?

Numerous parties can be held responsible for such unfortunate situations, which might involve the trucking company, the truck driver, the shippers, and the loading company. The cargo load needs to be checked responsibly before installing them on the truck. Therefore, if the driver is not careful enough to secure the cargo properly, they might be liable for negligence. The loading companies or truck loaders might also be held responsible if the requirements or procedure of loading need to be followed accordingly. 

Moreover, the security of the cargo also depends on the equipment used to load them safely. If the cause of the accident has been found as a result of some defect in the equipment, then the manufacturer can also be sued by filing a product liability lawsuit.

Final Thoughts:

Irrespective of the accident’s severity, it is essential to contact a truck injury attorney as soon as possible, especially if the fault is of a third party. Moreover, it is not feasible to assume an accident’s seriousness from the very first. An attorney would ensure that all the necessary steps are followed that will not lead to any legal restriction for the claim of compensation in the future.


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