Most important documents needed in Estate planning

You must be wondering what estate planning is. It is a very complicated procedure that ensures the last wish is followed if something unfortunate happens to you. So, it is always recommended to consult with a skilled and professional estate planning attorney for any kind of legal help you need. There is a misconception that the planning of an estate is only for rich people but anyone can benefit from estate planning, as they take care of their hard-earned money after death.

There is so much more than just making a will. Now, this type of planning needs many important documents; thus, it is always a good idea to hire a professional estate attorney. You can hire or consult an Estate Planning Lawyer in Reno for the best legal advice. To know what documents you need for estate planning, keep on reading!

  • Testament and last will

Legal documentations are very essential for the success of estate planning. Your lawyer will always suggest a plan which is will based and trust-based. The person who will be chosen as the beneficiary or who will inherit all your property, estate, or money will be transferred and at what time your property will be transferred will be stated on the last will.

  • Power of attorney

This document gives the power to someone else to act as you, you may address a primary agent and keep a primary agent in backup if the former is unable to function. Partners or spouses are often assigned to this position

  • Power of attorney regarding healthcare

Here you have the opportunity to assign the task of taking any decisions relating to healthcare to some primary agent. And make sure that anybody you select is your well-wisher and be calm whenever there is a difficult situation to be handled.

  • Living will

It basically describes how life should be sustained and how medical treatments should be done if you are not in a stage or situation to communicate with them properly. For instance, if you had a car accident and you are in a coma, the crucial decisions should be made by some of your close acquaintances.


These are a few legal documents that are very crucial for estate planning. However, never forget to contact a good and experienced attorney who will help you to take care of all the legal procedures related to estate planning.


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