Why Should You Hire a Defense Lawyer for Assault and Battery Charges in Massachusetts?

If you have been charged with assault or battery in Massachusetts, it is important to understand how the law defines these offenses and what the possible punishments for these crimes are. And you might need a Nate Amendola Defense lawyer to understand more about the charges you are convicted of and help you to fight those charges and their penalties.

Assault is simply an attempt to inflict physical harm on someone. It is a crime that has no set definition, except that it involves the threat of violence or intimidation. And a battery occurs when a person actually inflicts harmful or offensive contact on another person. This can include a punch, kick, slap, or even spitting on the intended victim.

Although these crimes are closely related, assault does not always involve battery and battery does not always involve assault because there are many circumstances in which one could commit battery without first making a threat of violence.

What is the Role of a Defense Lawyer in Assault and Battery Charges?

Because the specific facts of each case are so important, you should hire a criminal defense lawyer to represent you if you have been charged with assault or battery. These charges are not minor and could potentially land you in jail. An attorney will be able to determine whether the law enforcement officer who arrested you observed any elements of assault or battery and scrutinize their observations to help determine whether their claim that assault or battery actually occurred is valid.

A defense attorney will also be able to assess whether the officer or acquaintance who made the charge of assault or battery is an honest, reliable witness under cross-examination. In addition, an aggressive criminal defense attorney will argue your side of the story and examine any evidence that was collected, whether it is video surveillance footage, photographic evidence, or medical reports to support your claim of innocence.

So, if you are charged with assault and battery in Massachusetts, you should contact a lawyer right away. That will help you to prepare the best defense possible and provides you with the right guidance so that your chances of getting successful results in the court will be greatly increased. However, don’t select a defense lawyer randomly. You should be brave enough to do the needed research because your future can be affected by an assault or battery charge.


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