How to Get Your Product Packaging Artwork Ready for Print

To ensure that the package your consumers see is what you intended, the file you give to your printer must be print-ready. If you’re wondering what a print-ready file is, it’s a PDF file that has been formatted to meet the criteria of the printing process. While compared to printing simple straight-cut items, the print process for product packaging has several unique features that must be considered when producing a design file to guarantee the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Type of Packaging

Consider your product as well as anything else that will be packed with it. What kind of packaging would be most appropriate? You may examine all of the various boxes and sleeves, as well as their 2D and 3D presentations, on our Custom Packaging website. This should provide you with a fair understanding of your alternatives. To assist you select, we discuss the precise characteristics of the boxes in our Boxes For Product Packaging blog article.

Dimensions of packaging

Remember that the size of your goods will have a major impact on the size of your packing. The content of your packing should completely fit the box, leaving no room for movement within the container during shipping and handling, preventing it from being damaged. If anything else goes within the packing, it must all be taken into account when estimating the total package size. This might also incorporate valves and holders for your product.


Many variables will influence the kind of paper you should use for packing. One of these is the weight of your goods; the heavier it is, the thicker the cardboard should be to properly support the weight. If you are packing food, you must use food-safe inks and paper that will prevent the ink from penetrating to the opposite side of the paper. Do you require part of your packing to be waterproof? All of these questions will be dependent on the specifics of your product, therefore it is advisable to contact your printer and have them assist you in making the proper decision.

Another thing to bear in mind is that printing packaging differs from printing other basic cut-to-sheet items in that packaging needs a specific dieline. This dieline will be used in the printing process to cut the box to the appropriate shape and size, but it will also be utilized in your design to decide where your design components should be put. After everything, your package is ready to be printed! Wholesale packages, like stand up pouches wholesale uk, can print your design on pouches quickly and affordably. This can finalize your design process.


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