What is the Difference between 2D & 3D Video?  

The kid of the 90s will clearly understand the difference between 2D and 3D animation videos because they have witnessed both in their life. All the cartoon characters like looney tunes or Tom and Jerry etc used to be in 2D form back then and now the kids of the new era watch them in 3D form. 

When it comes to the animation of videos there are a lot of steps that the animators go through like stop motion animations, sketches, and computer-generated ones to get the right animations.

How 2D Animation is Done:

2D stands for two-dimensional. This animation took birth in the end of the 18th century. This is the oldest form of animation which required pencil artists who used to make each sketch by hand. Every scene had to have a slightly different sketch to create movement in the images. 

These sketches were transferred to colour onto cels. However, nowadays, 2D images are created through computers which have the same process but are easier than hand-made ones. 2D usually focuses on making storyboards, backgrounds, and characters. 

With the birth of 3D people think that now 3D animations are used however, 2D is still widely used across the world. Famous examples of 2D animations are Cinderella, Family Guy, Simpsons, and Snow White. 

How to do 3D animation

3D stands for three-dimensional. There is an enormous difference between the animation of 3D and 2D. 3D animation requires special programming animation software on your computer. This gives the characters a three-dimensional effect. 

They involve height, width, and depth whereas the 2D dimension misses the depth. In 3D animation, you can move the camera as you do in motion pictures. The applications used in 3D animations are Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Blender, and DS Max. 

Movies like Transformers and Jurassic Park are an example of 3D animations. The applications like CRFT video (https://crftvideo.com) and animation and Studio is providing a wide range of options for creating 3D animations which include explainer videos, video ads, and many more options. 

Comparison Between 2D and 3D Animations: 

  • The 2D environment involves handmade frames whereas the 3D animations are made in a complete 3D environment. 
  • The 2D animated images can be plotted on the x-axis and y-axis however the 3D images have involved the z-axis as well. 
  •  Both 3D and 2D animations are widely used by different brands in the world. 
  • 2D animation involves characters of only height and width however, 3D animations are more likely to add depth to them which makes the animations more realistic and adds more emotions. 


We are living in a world that is progressing day by day in technology. There used to be a time when 2D animations were considered tremendous nevertheless 3D animations have changed the picture of the whole animation world. Both of them are still commendable and used by animators around the world. However, many animators are now considering 3D animations more to connect well with the audience.


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