Roles and Responsibilities of SAFe POPM

SAFe POPM are more like captains of the ship; they are wholly responsible for the products success, however on the flip side, peers also contribute their skills to achieve the objectives. Organizations are equipped with a product development team and they drive the product’s success.

Attending a POPM Certification Training will provide a clear trajectory for building great tech products for the rest of the world.

Using SAFe frameworks, a company can precisely decide based on structure, collaboration, and development process.

After completing SAFe POPM training, you will empower your team members to perform better and maintain good communication between developers and stakeholders.

Here are some roles and responsibilities of SAFe POPM

  • Being collaborative

Product managers are naturally collaborative individuals who maintain communication between developers and stakeholders. Primarily, when it comes to SAFe product managers, they are responsible for transforming and driving the business objectives further.

Whether it is a large or medium-scale product company, the product owner’s responsibility is to take precise and conscious decisions which shall instantly impact the company’s growth. Also, every move of a product manager costs the company’s expansion, so as a result, you should examine the different problems and determine whether to implement a new strategy.

  • Understanding the users

Prior to the covid crisis, many companies adopted SAFe frameworks to resolve critical problems in an organised fashion. Hence, many aspiring professionals have enrolled themselves in SAFe Product Owner Product Manager certification course to enhance their product owner role to the next level.

As a SAFe POPM, you could conduct deep research on the users’ journey on the website and customers’ experiences to build connections with them; these valuable insights will act as a medium to achieve the vision.

A SAFe POPM will operate closely with stakeholders to ensure appropriate communication.

A POPM will examine the features that benefit users and as well scrutinize unwanted innovation from within the company or enterprise.

  • Responsible for Iteration

Product owners/ managers start working from the customer experience perspective and then towards innovation. They also acquire information from engineers, architects and stakeholders, and after fetching insights from these professionals, product owners are accountable for developing and maintaining team backlogs.

While in the iteration process, product owners are responsible for the teams’ backlog before the iteration progress, reviewing backlogs helps for better coordination during the iteration planning with other product members. POPM will track and inspect remaining backlogs while working on the iteration process while the  peers explain about backlogs. Attending a POPM training will guide you to become more productive and nurture skills towards building great products.

  • Planning for executions

Product owners will communicate effectively with other product owners to make the process smooth without roadblocks. In organisations, SAFe product owners remain dependent on other product owners. They conduct the event with other POs to bring new features. In terms of SAFe product managers, their roles and responsibilities include maintaining healthy conversation to accomplish a shared vision.

  • Examining the adaptation

Our SAFe Product Owner Product Manager certification Syllabus is designed to remove the constraints of professionals who find hardships during the analysing adaptation process. Professionals who work closely with the PO team are solely responsible for taking innovations and analyzing the loop to improve the process. One of the vital roles of Product owners is to work with the production team to demonstrate PI(product implementation) in front of program stakeholders, to analyse and express that the innovation that happened will impact solving critical problems and displaying it to the stakeholders.

  • Spreading customer vision

Product owners work closely with techies to retain customers. A proficient SAFe POPm will understand the customer experience on the website and innovate new features. This strategy assists POs in formulating new features as per customer requirements. In this valuable POPM Certification Training you will learn deep product management concepts which enhances domain knowledge. Naturally, product owners are consumer-centric and stick towards market trends to make significant changes; this should help establish good communication with stakeholders and team members. Results would not be effective pertaining to modification and developing a fantastic product if there’s anything lacking or a disconnect from the customer perspective

The end

To make it precise, a product owner must be multi-skilled with thorough domain knowledge to build a great product. As a SAFe POPM, you should analyze from the customer’s perspective, interests and psychology which helps in designing top-notch tech products. Finally, Product managers should effectively manage teams to deliver the organization’s shared vision.

Are you an aspiring professional seeking a significant change in your career?

We strongly recommend you to enrol yourself in our SAFe Product Owner Product Manager certification Syllabus and this should guide you through nuances to implement while structuring a product par excellence!

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