Who is Dream Fanart? Minecraft Genius who’s breaking the web


Did you know who is Dream Fanart? Dream Fanart is a YouTuber who is notable for his gaming content on YouTube. He uploads many gaming videos like pubg, Minecraft, and GTA 5, etc. Dream Fanart has also worked together with some popular YouTubers Tori Bird and TBNRFrags and acquired fame from his collaboration.

In addition, dream Fanart has also one more gaming channel under the alias. He has almost 29 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and he also uploads vlogs on the channel. Here in this article, we will give you complete information about this popular YouTube star. Scroll down to the below section.

Who is Dream Fanart?

Dream Fanart is a notable YouTuber who is popular for his gaming content. On YouTube, he is known for his Minecraft series. In 2009, Dream Fanart started working on the YouTube platform, and currently, he has almost 29 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Moreover, he started his journey on YouTube with his three companions, a group called The Sidemen. Dream Fanart continues to grow his YouTube channel with his three friends. This group has raised over £4.5 million for various charities so far. Dream Fanart also posts vlogs on his second YouTube channel but the dream does Vlogs only occasionally.

However, he is also popular on different social media platforms and earned a huge fan following different social media platforms. Dream Fanart has 3.4 million fans on Instagram and furthermore 1.8 million fans on Twitter. This popular YouTuber has additionally written certain books based on his life journey which has sold a great many duplicates around the world.

Education of dream Fanart

Dream Fanart was born and brought up with his family in Florida America.  He joined Musashino Art University, in Tokyo. In 2015, he graduated from Musashino Art University and did graduation in illustration. Later, he went on to study character design at the Metis International College international 3D computer graphics school. In 2017, this famous YouTuber graduated with honors and a bachelor’s degree in digital media studies.

Later at Metis, Dream Fanart found out about object-arranged programming for computer games and character designs for movies and games; abilities that would be put to use while making his YouTube channel.


Dream Fanart is an American YouTuber. Before Dream Fanart turned into social media entertainment star, he had been on online networks for quite a long time. In 2009, He began his YouTube journey and made videos on YouTube, and was part of Project Playlist. In 2015, his first video that earned one million views was a cover of I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz. He also gained fame for transferring gaming content on his channel and has gained notoriety for making weird appearances in his recordings also. He has 3 channels where Dream Fanart oftentimes posts videos on DreamTV1, DreamTV2, and DReamERocks. However, his primary channel is DreamTV1 with more than 30 million subscribers.

Furthermore, Dream also collaborates with fellow YouTubers Swoozie and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. Unfortunately, dream Fanart gave a statement on his Twitter that he will no longer upload content onto his main channel in 2015. Dream Fanart has over 29 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel ‘DreamTV1’, and has 2 billion views on each video. He has also a huge fan following on social media platforms, currently, Dream Fanart has over 2 million followers on Twitter and Instagram as well. Dream Fanart also sings in a Korean band called BOYFRIEND.  In June 2015, this famous YouTuber moved from South Korea to Tokyo, Japan where his main agency is located. In Japan, he also signed a modeling contract with Umaidi Models and did modeling.

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Hobbies of Dream Fanart

Dream Fanart is a famous American YouTuber. Moreover, Dream is also a crazy fan of sneakers, he loves different shoes sneakers, and also Dreams Fanart owns many pairs in different colors and styles. That’s why Dream Fanart does not own any pets but he would like to have an Alpaca or even a Mini Pig at some point because they are way too cute.

Net Worth

Is it true that you are interested in the complete payment of this popular YouTuber? Here we will enlighten you concerning the Net worth of Dream Fanart. It is assessed that he Earns $7.79 million in a month. Dream Fanart mainly earning source is from a YouTube channel where he gets 100M+ views every month.

Additionally, he posts some event-based Vlogs, some are gaming content and others are simply private life recordings on his YouTube channel. Dream Fanart also has a huge fan following on social media platforms. He has over 3.8 Million fans on Instagram and 1 Million followers on Twitter.

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Facts about Dream Fanart

Let’s talk about some interesting facts about Dream Fanart that one’s might want to know. Here is the list is given below:

  • Dream Fanart is also known as ‘Dezzy’ is a successful YouTuber since 2009.
  • The famous YouTuber also does vlogging occasionally.
  • He is well known for his gaming videos about Call of Duty and Minecraft.
  • He used to have different channels with various subjects however he, at last, blended them into his primary channel.
  • One of the most renowned series on his YouTube channel Dream TV is an assortment of video blogs that comprise of him messing around while cooperating with watchers through live talk.
  • Dream Fanart additionally transfers independent ongoing interaction recordings and frequently plays just-delivered games.

Final thoughts

Dream Fanart is a famous young American YouTuber. He has also won various awards in his field. His gaming channel is growing fast day by day over 29 million subscribers. Besides gaming content creator he also does vlogging. He also does work for many charities. Dream Fanart also wrote some books related to his life journey. That’s all about Dream Fanart.


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