Top Five black Nike Shoes 2022

Nike shoes are exemplary because of their uniqueness, When you wear any pair of Nike shoes, your feet tell you that you have worn Nike shoes. You have to walk or ever go to a game or in a normal daily routine you have to wear Nike shoes special ‘black Nike shoes’ will never disappoint you. So today I will tell you the top five black Nike shoes from different categories.

So let’s do it without taking much of your time

Nike Air Max Excee

If you are looking for the best retro shoes and black color is also your forte, then you must wear Nike Air Max Excee. The Nike air max excee design is very attractive and also its three air windows sole looks very fancy by wearing this. now talk  about its good and some weak points


  • Best for sporty clothes
  • Fit to size
  • Very comfortable
  • Affordable than many Air Max
  • Black color shin with lite color dress


  • Airflow is not good
  • Durability not good
  • inelastic

Nike Air Max 97

Nike air max 97 is also a very good article of Nike black shoes, it has a very premium look and feels. this article you can use as an athlete for jym and also for a casual look, this Nike black shoe is one of the best Nike shoes that I have loved forever, like other shoes it also have many good and some little bad aspect.


  • Best for sporty clothes
  • Best for summer and also for winter
  • Lite weight
  • Give a very premium look
  • Best for sockless
  • The fashion industry has its own identity because of its design


  • Takes some time to wear
  • Picks up stains easily

Take time to clear

Nike Xarr

This is the best Nike article for winter, Its material is quite good and those people live in forest places and belong to the construction field this article is very suitable. This black Nike shoe is also very good for security agencies and for those people who are working that places where Flaming colors or multi-colors are not allowed. This  Nike black shoe is quite strong, durable, and long last. Nike Xarr is a very good article for play, sport, and for work. Nike Xarr is one of the selling articles of Nike black Shoes.


  • Durable
  • Fresh and premium look
  • Well made
  • Good for winter
  • Best for security and construction worker


  • Not much good for wade’s feet
  • Costly

Nike Tanjun High Rise

Nike Tanjun High Rise is a great article. It’s a very favorite of fashion models and influencers especially in black color if you wear this with wide trousers it really looks good. you can use this in winter and also in summer. Nike Tanjun High Rise white sole gives a very attractive look when you wear this, but this white area can pick up very easily stains. Its upper material is made of nylon and its outer sole is made of EVA. Now to put.

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  • Feels soft to wear.
  • In Rainy season gives a good grip
  • Give premium look
  • Lite weight
  • Fabulous design
  • Affordable price


  • Give thumbs press feel for wide feet
  • Little unstable
  • Take little time to wear

Nike Tanjun

This is the best Nike article on black Nike shoes according to internet research, its user rating is 4.6/5.  you will never regret if you buy Nike Tanjun because it is durable, comfortable, lightweight, and affordable. Lots of cool things about it that you will love. The black color of this article gives a very shine look. in the selling, option breaks many records.  a common person can also afford this .you must need to try these black Nike shoes. If you put it on your feet once, it will run itself.

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  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Best for all-purpose
  • Comfortable
  • Fully grippe sole


  • Little unstable
  • Tight toe box
  • Sole little not good

Final verdict

All five articles on Nike black shoes are very good and you will never feel regret after buying some weak points are present in these articles but many other things cover them. These articles made material is very good and here Nike never ignores the comfort aspect for its buyers. If you believe me I will suggest that if you want to buy any shoes for your walk or gym so you go Nike outlet and buy any article of your choice in these five articles.


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