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Blow up doll is all the rage in the west. But many people believe that they are the invention of the dictator Adolf Hitler. But many people doubt this fact. Then who found the blown doll? Here you can know all the details about these dolls. An article about blow-up dolls revealed its connection to the burgled project. When Hitler approved the plan, Nazi soldiers were supplied with blow up doll. It was a plan designed to protect soldiers from syphilis.

So to satisfy the solder’s desires, Hitler proposed inflatable dolls. But many experts say there is no evidence of inflatable dolls being used at the time. Continue reading to learn more about blow up doll facts.

Who invented blow-up dolls?

Although many facts are available about the blow-up doll, the inventor behind the doll is unknown. But the first existence of blow-up dolls was in the 17th century. During long sea voyages, Dutch sailors used dolls to satisfy their pleasures. Then the first record of the blow-up doll was found in psychologist Ivan Bloch’s book the dual life of our time.

He described inflatable dolls used for his purposes. Additionally, Dutch merchants sold these dolls to Japan, which is why are called Dutch wives in the country today. Some chained men in history even created life-size replicas of their female lovers.

It was done by austral Hungarian artist Oskar Kokoschka. But according to sources, the artist was not satisfied with the doll, so people say that he may have burnt it or buried it. Then in the sixties came commercials for inflatable dolls. He promoted different images of the doll to be published in magazines and consumers could buy the image of their choice. Also, these dolls had different hair colors and styles.

Did Adolf Hitler make the blow-up dolls?

During the tumultuous years of world war2, it was rumored that Hitler ordered inflatable dolls for his German soldiers. To control the spread of syphilis among German soldiers, a project called the Borghild project was implemented. Moreover, the project was initiated due to a 1940 memo by Hein rich Himmler. He described the prevalence of syphilis in unsanitary homes in Paris. He wrote that the greatest in Paris is the presence of prostitutes. So Hitler was known to have accepted the memo and given his endorsement for the project.

He wrote that the greatest danger in Paris is the presence of prostitutes. He ordered inflatable dolls for his soldiers. So they can keep it in their bag and avoid going to the kitchen for pleasure. So the designers who worked for Hitler started working for him and created god dolls. But there is no real proof of his event. Therefore, many people in the 20th century considered it a hook. Also, employees of the german hygienic museum doubt whether the plan ever existed. So there is no real evidence as to whether Hitler was behind the popularity of blow up doll.

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What is the blow-up doll?

Many people today refer to blow up doll as s x dolls used to satisfy hunger. Today the production of dolls is booming. It is used in mas’ baton. Such a doll today can be a full body or just a face. Parts of the doll can also move. Moreover, as there are many technological advancements today, their dolls also perform complex interactions.

Some interesting facts

  • A robotics engineer in japan coined the term uncanny valley to describe robots that look like humans. The more real the doll looks, the scarier it is. But many people are interested in the idea of realistic-looking dolls.
  • Countries have laws against using blow up doll. But some countries do not have specific laws for such things. But still, using a blow-up doll in public is immoral.
  • Some people use to blow up doll in carpool lanes to make them look like a passenger sitting in the car. Also if people go on a long drive, use a doll because it looks look like they are not traveling alone. They think it is safer for the way.
  • Blowing dolls has now become a business. Companies are selling cheap dolls for pleasure. But some expensive dolls are sold by big businesses. Even celebrities have started marketing personalized toys. Some blow-up dolls come with advanced technology such as skeleton materials and silicone composites. They cost $10,000 and up.

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Here are some facts about blow up doll. There are many stories about such dolls in history today they have turned into popular. Doll flying has become a business company selling cheap dolls for pleasure. But some expensive dolls are sold by big companies.


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