Feastables – A variety of Beast Chocolates

Feastables is a world-famous chocolate bar company, this company is created by a famous YouTuber and a famous philanthropist name Jimmy Donaldson, who is also known MrBeast. Mr.Beast leveled his secret in the shape of feastables chocolate on 29th January 2022. MrBeast started this company in partnership with night media, night media is a popular multimedia talent management company and creative outpost on the internet as a professional company.

The Feastables MrBeast is a plant-based chocolate bar, So it’s vegan and delicious. The brand declaration was followed by the bar’s launch on 29th January 2022. This chocolate bar has three amazing flavors, and MrBeast has already picked his favorite. It was established in 2021 and is situated in Chicago, Illinois.

Why Feastables is Loving?

Feastables are a complete gluten-free line of chocolate bars made of plant-based ingredients, mainly sugar cane, cocoa bean, cocoa butter, and sunflower lecithin. Additional ingredients like roasted almond and crispy quinoa are added based on the bar’s flavor. Feastable’s bars are certainly deep and more extravagant and edgier and more luxurious but it doesn`t have the full melt addiction of a Hershey’s competitor. Mrbeaast bars are also clearly designed to be more, well appealing to kids who watch countless hours of YouTube.

The thought process and point of this company name multimedia are to redefine the significance of the ability of youth and the coming next generation. This company worked a lot to prepare the new age generation.

On the first day when this chocolate brand was launched the internet star sold more than 1 million bars of chocolate in the first 72 hours after this chocolate brand was launched. This brand says that it has already made over 10$ million after selling these chocolate bars. This brand was started in Kinston. As he was a famous YouTuber in the world so, he was already famous among the people everyone know about him. That’s why this brand grows fast because he advertises his brand himself on his channel. His viewer watches his advertisement video and is aware of this chocolate brand.


Jimmy Donaldson also known as MrBeast the founder of the feastables chocolate brand. He started his chocolate brand and it is very difficult to start a chocolate brand in the present era. He has to make a bar of chocolate with basic and minimal ingredients. He also makes himself and his chocolate brand from copy write.

So, he decided to make a bar of chocolate with the simplest and minimal ingredients. He chose these four components; sugar cane, cocoa bean, cocoa butter, and sunflower lecithin. These are the basic ingredients for making chocolate, but he made a bar of extremely tasty chocolate from these ingredients.

From where we can get feasible chocolate

If you have any desire to purchase a feastables chocolate while living in different countries. This chocolate is available all around the world everybody can purchase this chocolate from their website. MrBeast brought a domain and make a site for his customer all over the world.

If you want to buy fesatables chocolate, go to the website tap on the shop icon and select your favorite flavor, and at last, you order your favorite chocolate and have it by enjoying free home delivery for some specific areas. In some areas where the delivery is a little difficult, they charge some charges according to their criteria.

Flavors of Feastables

There are few flavors of feastables chocolate are available, but they are so scrumptious. The most enjoyed and delicious flavors are given the following.

  1. Milk chocolate
  2. Almond
  3. OG variety pack
  4. Quinoa Crunch
  5. Original

Achievements with Feastables

This chocolate brand made a lot of achievements, this brand become famous after it launched in 2022 because MrBeast is a famous YouTuber who is already famous among the people. He promotes his chocolate on his channel, his fans like this chocolate and this will yield a great idea. Recently this chocolate brand has won 3 grand awards due to its unbeatable taste.

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This very delicious chocolate was founded by a famous tuber and a famous philanthropist name Jimmy Donaldson, who is also known as MrBeast. He started his chocolate brand in partnership with the company name multimedia. They both invest in this chocolate brand and earn a lot of money. This chocolate becomes famous and its sold 1 million chocolate bars in the first 72 hours after its launch. MrBeast told us that he has made 10$ million after selling these chocolate bars. People eat and like this chocolate and some like this chocolate because of its famous owner.

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