How Often Do Betta Fish Need To Eat?

Bettas are one of the easiest freshwater fish to keep as they are very low maintenance and don’t require a very complex tank set up to thrive. They are also some of the smallest fish that you can keep in your home aquarium, which is great if you live in a small space or have limited space available for your aquariums and tanks. Unfortunately, keeping a betta food may seem more complicated than it is because they require certain things from their environment to stay healthy. For example, bettas need to eat almost every day to survive. However, that doesn’t mean that keeping them is overly difficult; just make sure you have these things before getting your betta:

Decorations and Ornaments

When it comes to keeping a betta, you don’t need insanely complex decorations in the tank. You need to keep it as simple as possible to help prevent diseases from spreading. Bettas are very low maintenance when it comes to decorations, and you don’t need a ton of things in the tank. Just a couple of simple ornaments like plants, rocks, or wooden decorations will do.

Some people even use silk plants or decorations to make the tank look nicer while also keeping it simple. On top of keeping the tank clean and easy to maintain, you also want to make sure that any decorations you put in the tank aren’t too small. Bettas tend to eat small things like decorations, so make sure everything in the tank is too big for them to swallow.

Betta Fish Food

Bettas have very specific dietary needs compared to other fish. They are carnivores and love to eat live foods such as insects, worms, and crickets. Because of this, you need to make sure that there are no cleaners or other fish in your tank when you’re feeding your betta. Bettas also prefer smaller, frequent meals throughout the day rather than one or two big meals per day.

It’s recommended that you feed your betta two to three times a day. You can also supplement your betta’s diet with dried pellets as well. You shouldn’t rely on pellets as a primary form of food, but they are a good supplement to add some extra nutrients that bettas need.

Betta Tankmates

Bettas are typically kept by themselves since they can be aggressive toward other fish. However, you can sometimes find people who keep them with other fish in a large tank. If you do this, several tank mates are safe for a betta. Betta fish are compatible with various types of tetras, dwarf gouramis, and other peaceful fish.

You can also keep other types of tropical fish with a betta, but make sure that they are also peaceful. Bettas are one of the reasons why it’s highly recommended to have a really simple tank. Fancy decorations, a large amount of fish, and more complex tank setups can all make it more difficult to keep a betta happy and healthy.

A Good Filter

Bettas are messy fish and they produce a lot of waste, so you need a good filter in the tank. Many people use an internal tank filter or a sponge filter to keep their tanks clean and healthy. Betta fish are closer to tropical fish than a lot of other freshwater fish and prefer warmer water, so you need to make sure you have a heater in the tank. Not only does the filter help keep the water clean, but it also makes sure that your betta has plenty of oxygen. Bettas are not very good swimmers, and they usually just stay at the bottom of the tank. Therefore, a good filter is extremely important to keep your betta healthy.


Bettas are one of the easiest freshwater fish to keep because they don’t require a very complex tank setup. Just make sure you have the necessities like decorations and ornaments, a good filter, and correct tankmates, and you should be fine. Bettas are also some of the most beautiful fish that you can keep, with their bright colors and fins making them very eye-catching. If you’re interested in keeping a betta, make sure you read this guide to make sure you have everything you need to keep a betta happy and healthy.


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