Top 10 Fastest Balls In IPL History- Checkout

Out of all the leagues out there, the Indian Premier League IPL is the one that stands out as the most interesting and appealing. In India, the Indian Premier League is as big as a national holiday and even its yesterday cricket match highlights is a big hit. The name “India ka Tyohaar” wasn’t just picked out of thin air. Players are welcome to use it as a stage to show how good they are. One of the best parts of the game is the interesting competition between the two teams, which lasts for forty overs and includes a lot of exciting cricket, like big sixes, dazzling boundaries, and catches that defy the laws of physics. The tagline for the Indian Premier League is “Where skill meets opportunity.” The Indian Premier League has it all: amazing batting, nail-biting run chases, and bowling that makes the furniture shake. Let’s look back at some of the Indian Premier League’s fastest bowling overs.

  • Shaun Tait 157.7 kilometers –

Shaun Tait is an Australian bowler who is known as “The Wild Thing.” He has played for the Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League. In 2011, when RR was playing for the Rajasthan Royals, he hit fellow countryman Aaron Finch with a thunderbolt. At the time, Finch was playing for the Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals). It was measured at 157.7 kilometers per hour, which made it the fastest ball ever bowled in the Indian Premier League. In 2013, he was no longer playing in the IPL. His bright career ended way too soon because of an injury. Even so, the crowd thought it was funny how fast he moved, like lightning.

  • Lockie Ferguson, 157.3 km/h –

Lockie Ferguson is a fast bowler from New Zealand, and he is now working for the Gujrat Titans. During the last game of the TATA IPL 2022, Lockie hit a ball to Jos Buttler that went 157.3 kilometers per hour. In the 2022 Indian Premier League, Buttler scored the most runs, while Lockie Ferguson had the fastest bowling speed. The ball also moved faster than any other ball in the tournament.

  • Umran Malik 157 km/h –

Umran Malik, who was only a teenager at the time, became known for his lightning-fast speed in the IPL 2021. When Umran was young, he lived in the Indian city of Srinagar. His team, Hyderabad, needed a replacement for T Natarajan so they could play in the Covid-19 tournament, so they got in touch with him. The main reason Sunrisers Hyderabad paid the INR 4 crore fee to keep Umran on their team before the IPL 2022 mega-auction was because of his speed. During the 50th game of the Tata Indian Premier League 2022, he hit Rovman Powell of the Delhi Capitals with a fastball that was going 157 km/h.

  • Anrich Nortje 156.2 kilometres –

Anrich Nortje is a fast bowler from South Africa with a right arm and a right hand. Nortje couldn’t play his first game in the Indian Premier League with the Kolkata Knight Riders because he hurt his shoulder. Anrich got a second chance when the Delhi Capitals put him on their team for the upcoming Indian Premier League season. Nortje has a lot of potential as a fast bowler, and that was clear during this competition. He sent four balls faster than 150 kilometers per hour, and one of them went to Jos Buttler at 156.22 kilometers per hour in the same over against Rajasthan Royals.

  • Umran Malik 155.8 kph –

Umran Malik’s speed is so fast that it often surprises everyone. Umran made the fastest delivery by an Indian bowler during the same competition. After that, he bowled a ball that was timed going 155.8 kilometers per hour, which puts him at number six on this list.

  • Anrich Nortje 155.21 –

During the match between the Rajasthan Royals and the Delhi Capitals, Anrich Nortje hit a ball to Jos Buttler that went 155.21 kilometers per hour. Anrich Nortje was the one who passed the ball. Buttler hit a four when he was hit with a ball that was rising. But Nortje did a great job of coming back and hitting Buttler’s stumps with a full-length ball that was measured to have an average speed of 155.21 kilometers per hour.

  • Umran Malik’s 154.8 km/h  –

Umran Malik’s delivery speed in the 65th game of the Tata Indian Premier League 2022, which was played against the Mumbai Indians, was 154.8 kilometers per hour. Rohit Sharma looked like he was about to hit a home run, but he messed up the flip, and the ball hit his pads instead of going over the fence. When it came to speed competitions, he was easily beaten. Malik’s spell killed 3 out of 23 people in the game.

  • Anrich Nortje 154.74 kilometres –

Anrich Nortje has the mental strength to bowl at 150 clicks, and he did it during a game against the Rajasthan Royals. He sent a ball speeding down the field at a mind-boggling 154.74 kilometers per hour. Anrich Nortje got a score of 2/33 when he went to the batting cage. The Most Valuable Player award for the match went to Nortje after Delhi Capitals won by 13 runs. Even though he didn’t sell at the next IPL auction in 2020, Anrich will be joining Delhi to replace the injured Chris Woakes. He was responsible for 22 wickets for Delhi Capitals throughout the season.

  • Dale Steyn’s 154.4 –

Dale Steyn had all the qualities that make a fast bowler good. A fast bowler’s most important tool is aggression, along with repetition, rhythm in the run-up, speed, swing, line, and length. One of the most important things a slow bowler can do is be aggressive. At the moment, Steyn is thought to be one of the best fast bowlers of his generation. In 2012, when the South African legend was playing for the Deccan Chargers, the radar gun recorded a ball speed of 154.4 kilometers per hour.

  • Kagiso Rabada 154.23 kilometres  –

Like many other young South African fast bowlers, Kagiso Rabada quickly moved up the ranks and is now considered to be one of the best at his position in the world. Rabada’s pitches are always hard to hit because he has great line and length. Because he throws strikes, this is the case. He is a well-rounded player who can help at any point in the game and is very good at taking wickets. While he was bowling for the Delhi Capitals, he improved his skills and became a lightning-fast bowler.

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