Which bikini will be best if you have large shoulders?

If you have large shoulders and you’re ready to buy a bikini for the summer season or to take with you on vacation, here are several suggestions that will make your upper torso look more feminine while minimizing your wide shoulders. Choosing a high waisted cheeky bikini that looks good on you requires that you learn some helpful tips and tricks to accentuate your figure and draw the onlooker’s gaze away from your broad shoulders. First, you will want to select several bikini bottoms that will draw attention to your hip area. When more emphasis is placed on how your bikini bottoms fit, and how definitive your hips look, the more likely someone is to stare at that part of your figure, rather than focusing on your shoulders.

Types of bikinis to try:

When you try on the bikini bottoms, or if you prefer a one-piece swimsuit, notice how you look when the hip line is high. That style will draw attention to your waist and your hips. As far as what type of neckline to choose, it’s best to avoid the strapless look or thin straps. Why? It makes your proportions look out of balance because there’s no fabric to draw attention away from your upper body. Instead, look for square necklines, V-shaped necklines, and swimsuits that draw attention toward your bust line, cleavage, and waist. In addition, if you happen to find a swimsuit with a V-cut neckline, and if it also has thick straps that tie or fasten behind the neck, that’s an even better style since the material for the wide straps helps to break up the appearance of just bare skin.

Although you might prefer a one-piece, high-waisted bikini swimsuit that covers most of your body, wearing bikini bottoms is by far the best type of style for your shape. For those women who are long-waisted or tall and lanky, you can add a short skirt that wraps around your waist to draw attention to the middle of your body as well as your legs. Regarding what colors are best suited for your body type, any swimsuits or bikinis that have loud and bold colors with flashy big designs or flowers are a good choice.


Another tip that has been used successfully by women who have wide or broad shoulders is to buy a mix-and-match two-piece swimsuit. For the bottoms, choose a fabric that has a pattern or floral design to it. For the top, choose solid-colored fabrics. Mixing the solids with the patterns draws attention away from your shoulders and balances the look for your body type. There are multiple options are available where you can buy your bikini. But for the best results, you must have to visit Kameymall once where you will have a large collection of different types of bikinis. It makes it easy for you to have quality results with the available bikinis. So, without wasting your time searching it in multiple places. Try out the new collection from here. You will be all set to attend a party on the beach with your friends and you will also get your delivery to your comfort place. It is going to be the best shopping time of your life.

All these will offer you a great experience and you can enjoy your vacations comfortably. So, next time be ready with the type of bikini that you want to buy. Choose a bikini that keeps you comfortable and also makes you feel amazing while spending quality time with your friends and family on the beach.


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