Significance of Online MBA Courses in India


The more you learn and study, the more likely you are to land a better career in the future with a competitive salary. However, the issue is that people are pressed for time because they want to increase their income as quickly as possible. People may focus on their other work and take so many courses online these days. Since more and more students are enrolling themselves in online courses, the number of online MBA programs in India is growing.

Different MBA universities and online platforms provide part-time online MBA programs that last from one to four years. Candidates who desire to work or are currently working may find online MBA courses convenient. Compared to a full-time MBA, the prerequisites for an online MBA course are more lenient: graduation from an accredited university and one to two years of work experience (for Executive Online MBA courses).

UGC-approved online MBA courses are offered by prestigious MBA colleges including NMIMS, Amity University, NIBM, and Welingkar. An online MBA course offered by Jain University in partnership with upGrad offers students placement assistance, as well as a six-month paid internship after the course, is finished. The IIMs of India also offer online MBA programs and other courses for students to take.

What is an online MBA?

One of the most popular degrees for fast-paced career alternatives, especially among working professionals, is an online MBA course. For those who work and find it difficult to set aside time for different classes, getting an MBA online is a convenient option. Distance learners can study online MBA courses at their own pace and time, giving them flexibility. Working professionals can complete their MBA coursework online without quitting their jobs.

In contrast to full-time MBA courses, where the subjects can be a bit lengthy, the online MBA course syllabus is fairly direct and condensed. The same level of expertise and learning is offered through UGC-approved online MBA programs in India, which also offer greater convenience and versatility than traditional MBA programs.

Why learn online?

An online MBA not only increases a person’s degree total but also greatly quickens their career progression. According to GMAC research, online MBA applications have increased by 43% in 2020, while on-campus applications have increased by 11.6%. This development may be the result of students opting for online MBA courses from foreign business schools in order to avoid paying thousands of dollars each year for living expenses.

Working professionals who have extensive work experience but are unable to get managerial jobs owing to a lack of management expertise can benefit greatly from an online MBA.

Advantages of online MBA Courses

  • Flexibility- The majority of online MBA courses use virtual classrooms and e-lectures. hence, a professional setup is ideal
  • Affordability- In India, the cost of online MBA courses is as cheap as 6,000 rupees per year.
  • Diversity- Participants from different industries, geographical areas, and nations find it easier in virtual classes.
  • Choices of Specialisation- There are other specialisations offered, giving students more alternatives.

Who should study an Online MBA course?

Below are some students who will benefit most from online MBA programs in India:

  • Students who are employed and unable to afford to quit their employment to pursue an MBA must enrol in online MBA courses.
  • An online MBA is made easier for students who have a strong internet connection and a functional, well-maintained laptop.
  • Online MBA shouldn’t present any problems for diligent students who manage their own education.
  • In order to advance in their careers after receiving an online MBA, students must have two to three years of job experience.
  • Students should not pursue online MBA courses if they wish to alter their employment function after graduation.
  • After completing an online MBA, a graduate without experience will have a difficult time finding a position that meets their expectations.

How do online MBA classes operate?

The course will be delivered via a learning management system that is unique to each Online MBA college. While some institutions collaborate with private companies for this goal, others grow on their own. Although the curriculum is the same for both offline and online MBA programmes, the delivery method is the only distinction. There are online forums, chat rooms, and virtual classes for MBA students. Live classes are held on the weekends in addition to online lectures that have been recorded.


Following are the requirements for admission to online MBA programs in India

  • Must have earned a degree from an accredited university with a minimum cumulative GPA of 50%.
  • Candidates with appropriate professional experience would be preferred.
  • Candidates must be eligible to take the entrance exams.
  • There is no maximum age to enrol in an online MBA program.


Many major universities and institutes offer online MBA programs all over the world. There are some good MBA colleges in India that provide Online MBAs. In recent years, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, MBA Online Education has gained importance since it can be done while maintaining social distance because of online learning environments. Top management universities and colleges in India that have received the necessary legislative authority approval offer online MBA programs in India.


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